A Day Off From MS

in my dreamsLast night, after being woken in the wee small hours yet again with nerve pain and unable to get back to sleep, my mind wandered.

Just what would it be like to have one full day off from MS? How amazing would that be?

I would spring out of bed, full of beans and head straight for a boiling hot bath, using up my dusty bottle of Matey bubbles. No non-slip bath mat today, no pesky heat intolerance.

After a long soak, I’d deftly apply my make up, managing to execute a perfect sweep of eyeliner. I’d get dressed easily, no fumbling over buttons, no tripping over my feet and I’d be able to wear jeans I haven’t fitted in over two years. And heels! Beautiful heels. How I’ve missed you. I’d put them on and not take them off all day. I would sashay everywhere. I would stride, head held high. No looking at the pavements.

In fact, I’d take the day off work and spend it walking. Just walking, even in heels. And I’d go to cute little gift shops where I’d be unafraid of picking up glass ornaments or bumping into things or small children. I’d find a really hot, really busy cafe and spend a stress-free hour sipping a coffee, people-watching. I’d call up friends out of the blue, suggesting a night out later. I’d know for sure I’d still have the energy.

On the way home I’d do all my Christmas shopping in one go, undaunted by the crowds,  balancing the bags easily, going through my long list from memory. Back home, I’d wrap and label all the gifts then cook a fiendishly complex recipe from scratch. I’d spring clean my entire house. I’d even dig out the feather duster. Then I’d do a whole pile of ironing. And spend a couple of hours weeding the garden, all before slipping in to something fabulous (with my heels, natch) and get ready to go out.

The evening would pass in a happy blur of catching up with long-neglected friends. I’d charm them with my wit and fast responses. I’d remember the punchlines to long jokes, I’d carry five drinks at a time back from the bar.

I wouldn’t come back til gone midnight, falling happily in to bed. Then I’d wake in the wee small hours. With nerve pain…

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16 thoughts on “A Day Off From MS

  1. Sally says:

    It’s a lovely thought isn’t it. One day maybe huh? On a slightly tangential note. In Belgium it’s that time of year for the annual Belgian Multiple Sclerosis Society Chococlef. Galler (one of the big Belgian chocolate companies ) sponsors it. Basically shops sell bars (or packets of bars) of their chocolate and all proceeds go to the MS society. My pharmacist has been selling them (I’ve been buying) and somebody was even going round the doors selling. Came home and hubbie had bought more from the lady at the door. We’re going to be eating chocolate for a while. I have to support it though don’t I?

    • stumbling in flats says:

      That’s a brilliant idea!!! Love it. We should definitely do something like that here – I’d be first in the queue, lol.

  2. Tricia says:

    Great read, x x

  3. Sue says:

    Oh dear that broke my heart. Xxx
    It really did. ♥

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Awww! It’s strange to look back at all the things I took so much for granted (as you would in your 30’s!) – the long hot baths, the heels, etc…

  4. david says:

    If you like chocolate try http://www.willieschocolateshop.com
    buy on line or from Waitrose, I love the dark choc best
    Wonders of the mind they can take us anywhere and everywhere and we can do anything we want, awake, sleep or just the power of thought.
    Can’t wait to hear about your night out at the Dorchester
    keep the old brain box working, x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      I’m going to check that out – but will wait til after the awards ceremony! Still trying to, ahem, lose a few pounds.
      But the best news is, I found a gorgeous outfit. A bit off-the-wall, but hey, so’s my blog!

  5. Candace says:

    This sounds so like me. I’ve not got MS but have RA and complications with my back due to 9 operations on my bowel after bowel problem issues I had when pregnant and has left me in a right mess with nerve damage.

    It is strange how we take things for granted. I used to love high heels and now can’t wear them at all but I just can’t get rid of my rather large collection in the hope that one day I can wear them again even though if I’m honest that day will never come.

    You just need to pick yourself up and keep smiling. x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      You’re absolutely right! It’s about taking each day as it comes and taking something good out of each day. For me, it was seeing my mum try on a pink wig for Halloween (honestly). It was good to have a chuckle.
      I was the opposite of you though – I couldn’t bear to have the shoes I could no longer wear in the house, so I gave them all to a friend. I miss them sooooo much!!

  6. Lauren says:

    Brilliant and so true

  7. Meh is right. So sorry you’re having nerve pain. Love this post (why didn’t I think of writing it?!).

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