And Exhale …

exhaleAfter The Teenager collapsed in June, we were so lucky for him to be referred to a neurologist, thanks to the advice of one of the fabulous MS nurses.

Within the month, I was sitting with him in my usual MS clinic, him fidgeting on his phone, me controlling my breathing.

I had been there just the day before, for an MS nurse appointment, hoping for the results of my latest MRI scan (nothing yet, gah).

We were called through by a neurologist I hadn’t seen before and he instantly put The Teenager at ease. He took a detailed case history then ran him through an extensive round of tests, a little hampered towards the end by The Teenager’s exceptionally ticklish feet.

The upshot is, there is nothing obvious that would point to MS.

I let out the breath I had been holding.

However, there is something a little odd in his presentation so he is being sent for an MRI of his spine. And that’s fine, I can deal with that. I think. The neurologist explained about blood flow through the spinal cord and blockages. It could be a lot of things, but probably not MS.

What can I say? The relief is immense, for both of us. We just needed to know either way. His collapse was unexpected and shocking.

So now we can concentrate on his summer of exploration, that strange suspended time between A levels and University. Before he heads off on one of his many summer trips though, he has my graduation on Monday to sit through …

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18 thoughts on “And Exhale …

  1. Val says:

    So relieved to hear the good news! Now enjoy your graduation day. Have a good summer the both of you xx

  2. Annie says:

    Best news ever? So glad to hear it. Hope he has a fab summer ?x

  3. Joan (Devon) says:

    Phew! What a relief for you both.

  4. Teresa McTernan says:

    That is such good news…you (and he) must be so happy. I’m sure he would have coped with a diagnosis of MS as you do but it’s just so good he doesn’t have to…the spine thingy is possibly something to do with the exercises he does? So happy for you both!!!

  5. judy says:

    Thank God!!!

  6. Jenny says:

    Oh huge relief for you both! So glad it’s positive news. I’m sure he will have a great summer and you will have more than a few nights where he wakes you up coming home very late ( or in early hours) if my house and teenager are anything to go by! I’m sure he will be bursting with pride at your graduation
    Enjoy! Xx

  7. Chris Mountford says:

    Good to hear you’re breathing! xx

  8. Chris Mountford says:

    Oh! And have a fantastic time at graduation; you’ve worked so hard and achieved so much so you’ll feel emotional and proud and all those other feelings we have when we don the gown and cap and step forward to receive the congratulations of the chancellor and our alumni.
    And if you have some time on your hands when the Teenager trots off on his travels, you could start planning your doctorate.
    Just saying…

  9. Carina Muss says:

    Glad to hear the good news – one tip: let the neuro doctor do an MRI with contrast fluid (contrastmittel in German) of the spine.
    Without the contrast fluid you often cannot see enough to determine what the problem is.
    Good luck and all the best,

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hello, and thank you! Hopefully they will do this – the neuro wants to scan his whole spine, so contrast fluid would be a good idea 🙂

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