Can Anyone Help?

travelscootI’ve been contacted by Sally who is wondering if you guys can help?

Sally is still fully mobile and able to walk much further than the level for a blue badge, but still struggles walking any great distance and has had to give up the love of her life – long shopping sprees. Driving’s not always ideal as she still  has to walk from where she parked.

She is looking into buying a light, compact scooter. She’s found the Travelscoot, but can’t seem to find any reviews about it and as it’s expensive, she’d like to hear from anyone who has one?

It’s really light, folds down small and can be chucked in the boot of a car without any adaptations.

Can anyone throw some light on this? All comments, good or bad, would be gratefully received!

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18 thoughts on “Can Anyone Help?

  1. Chris says:

    Got two scooter but this one looks fab look forward to comments because I might just need to try this out looks great !!
    Anyone ! And we’re is it from please

    • stumbling in flats says:

      It looks great!
      Someone just said on Twitter you need to make sure your core stability is good as it’s so lightweight – don’t want to be falling over kerbs, etc. Good point!
      I think if you have a look at, there might be more info?

  2. David Sinclair says:

    Morning, how do you feel now that your back with the mortal people? re the scooter I tried a folding 1 some time ago not very good on slight gradient also on distance, a gogo might be better, most small scooters only do about 10 miles, she should go to a mobility shop and try before buy. People tend to forget that if you can walk 10, 15 or 25 yards you have to get back, no point walking somewhere if you can’t get back to your car

    • stumbling in flats says:

      It was such an interesting day yesterday in the Houses of Parliament. Quite exciting to hear about the new Bill, despite waiting 20 minutes in the rain to go through security!
      Re. the slight gradient point – seems to be coming through that that might be an issue.
      Thanks for your points!

  3. David Sinclair says:

    Looked at the web site, as it say’s TravelScoot is designed for those who have walking difficulties but are otherwise still fairly mobile, if I had MS I would think again. Sally should sign up to a local shopmobility for a small charge you have use of wheelchairs and scooters, most towns and shopping centre’s have one, I used to run one. x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hi David,
      I didn’t know you could do that?
      That’s the brilliant thing about blogging and Twitter – this isn’t my area of expertise, but there’s always people like you to give some guidance. Thank you!

  4. Angela Waldram says:

    Looked at this one. If my memory serves me right you can’t get it here and have to order it from Europe but I could be wrong. There is lots of information on you tube and demos. I opted for the Luggie in the end but it is heavy but very good.

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hi Angela,
      I think Sally might be living in Europe. Could be wrong – blame the MS brain, lol.
      Demos would be good. Such a big investment you just don’t want to get it wrong…

  5. Julie says:

    I looked at a video on and if that is the right scooter it looks like more effort to put together than my Gogo Elite Traveller Plus.
    I would say think carefully about where you want to use it because those wheels are tiny! Dropped kerbs are rarely flat so it may not handle shopping around town. Also there are only 3 wheels, I have never felt safe on a 3 wheeler.
    I paid £500 for my scooter on Ebay. I was lucky the seller was a showroom near to where I live so I tried it out first.
    It looks great in the video but notice the very flat smooth surfaces it was used on.

  6. David Sinclair says:

    on another note I just phoned my GP the appointment is next Monday, was told to got to the walk in centre, its at least a 10 minutes push in the chair that’s if you can park. No wonder people are going to A & E, double espresso please, x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Very true – more and more people seem to be using A&E as they can’t see their own doctor until weeks in advance. I know it’s a big problem here. Thank god for MS nurses!
      Just been out to pick up coffee. Bought milk, paper, etc. Forgot coffee, meh. Could do with a double espresso, lol.

  7. Kerri says:

    So glad to be asked because I have blogged about this!

    Be sure to read specifications on weight and size to make sure it’s workable for your situation.

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thanks so much Kerri – that’s really helpful. Great post!
      Don’t forget to drop me a line about your blog and I’ll feature it in MS Blogs section 🙂

  8. Sally says:

    Hi, thank you Stumbling for posting this for me. I just want to clarify that I have been googling scooters for a while and haven’t seen anything close to what I’m looking for until I came across this little one ( was on verge of emailing James Dyson to ask if he could put his mind to a mobility scooter). The guy who invented this is a German engineer who himself couldn’t find exactly what he was looking for. Have now been in touch with him and he has given me contact details of a couple of happy customers near where I live who ae happy for me to come and see their scooter. He posts anywhere in Europe. I am just looking for something that I can easily lift in and ut of my car with minimum dismantling , lets me go dog walking with friends and make shopping easier. Shopmobility is great but their scooters are all very big and I can’t pack them in my car to go outside town centres for the day. Think I was just hoping that somebody who reads stumbling s blog had already tried one. Once I’ve been to see one of the customers I’ll ask Stumbling if she could post an update in ase anybody else is interested

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