I’ve Gone Over To The Mac Side…

appleThe idea of using an iphone used to fill me me with horror.

With my MS dodgy sausage fingers, the teeny-weeny keyboard would be next to useless, unless I wanted to send texts saying, ‘hmjjf keleow gdder’.

I had a Blackberry, ideal as the buttons are raised. Doing my research when it was time to upgrade, I stumbled into a phone shop. The salesperson was most unhelpful.

‘You want to stay with Blackberry? Hey guys, this lady wants a Blackberry!’ He explained in disparaging terms (not hiding his sniggers very well) that they didn’t even sell them any more, and would I want a phablet instead? Big buttons. Yeah, but a huge block of a thing I’d feel a right banana talking on.

Anyway, the boss solved the problem. He bought me an ipad mini for Christmas so I could be more productive in work (‘we can sink our stuff!’ Huh?). He gleefully told me I now had no option but to upgrade to an iphone.

Well, I was petrified. I took home the shiny new phone. The Teenager was impressed – ‘4G ready, like, mint.’ He stroked the phone reverently. He laughed at my pink stylus and warned me to buy a case pronto – ‘mum, dur, like you drop everything.’  Fair point.

A week later, I am smitten. I don’t do things by half, so I bought a book and slowly worked my way through it. Maybe I shouldn’t have face-timed the boss at 10pm last night though, just to test it out. I waved at him and admired his pyjamas.

I’ve downloaded a bunch of apps. I like most of them apart from the weight-loss one. I diligently add my weight every day and it informed me this morning that the date I would reach my desired weight would be 2023.

The keyboard is very patient with me, correcting all my typing mistakes and Siri answers all my questions. I told it the other day, ‘I love you’ and it replied ‘that’s nice. Can we get back to work now?’ I then asked it, ‘what’s better, a Blackberry or an iphone?’ The answer was, ‘Oh Stumbling, I’m all Apple, all the time.’ Me too…

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8 thoughts on “I’ve Gone Over To The Mac Side…

  1. def. get a case or it, the screens break easily and are not cheap to fix. the company that makes blackberry is going out of business, stocks are dropping and no one is buying them since there are better phones out there (and ones better than an iphone)
    apple products are over rated over priced things. mostly relying on image. i have had too many friends with iphones have problems with them and have them break from just having them drop from a pocket to get one. they are pretty to look at but not worth the money IMO. but thats just me
    def get a case and try not to keep it in a pocket or next to keys and loose change because it will just get scored (most of the smart phone will get scored this way tho, not just iphones) get a case for the ipad too if you dont have one, you can get some really nice colourful ones on ebay 🙂 you dont need an iphone if you have an ipad unless you want to easily sync them

    ok, im done rambling :p

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Noooooooo! Too late now, meh. My mum has a Galaxy Samsung and it looked way too complicated.
      Luckily the place I got the iphone from did me a brilliant monthly deal, so I’m happy with that. Much cheaper than what my friends are on with way more data allowance.
      But yes, I will get a case. It currently lives in an old make-up bag, lol. My son smashed his screen on his iphone (dropped it on Paddington concourse), so I’m pretty wary.
      Shame about Blackberries. I’ve always liked them.

      • the galaxy isnt anymore complicated then the iphone and you figured that out 🙂

        if you are getting a good deal thats good 🙂 does make a difference if you get the phone within budget 🙂

        if the make up case has a zipper, just watch it doesnt scratch the screen. yes it can happen, they can be that sensitive to things :/ (not just the iphone, had my htc in a make up case at first until i could get a proper case, and it was scratched :/)

        the main thing is if you are happy with it 🙂 i need a new phone but dont want a huge one, and having problems finding one that is as big isnt as a brick :p

        • stumbling in flats says:

          I’m being awfully careful. Just looked at some cases and will order one next week.
          I’m just surprised there’s so few phones out there with raised buttons. Meh.

  2. Sally says:

    I have a clumsy friend who bought herself a hulking big case. I laughed when I saw it but she loves it. She says it actually bounces.

  3. Catherine says:

    Glad I found your blog. Your sense of humor (son too) makes me smile! Happy for your new-found technology! Enjoy your day!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      thank you so much Catherine!
      Still struggling with ipad and iphone and boss is trying to convince me to get a mac as well. Hmmm. We’ll see about that!

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