Love Your MS Nurse? Tell The World…

The ‘My Super Nurse’ campaign for 2013 will be starting very soon, leading up to MS Awareness Week in the Spring, and the MS Trust really want to hear from you. The campaign goes live on 7th February, when you can nominate your nurse online.

But you don’t have to wait til then – the MS Trust would like you to write something about how fabulous your MS nurse is or, if you’re camera-happy, record yourself talking about them! It’ll only take a few minutes – just use your digital camera, your phone or your laptop, say something nice and send it to them. Click here – ‘My Super Nurse‘  for more details.

I spoke to a lovely guy at the Trust yesterday, raving on (intelligently, I think/hope) about how much MS nurses mean to me, so if you feel the same way, join in. You may be aware that some MS nurse posts could be under threat, so let’s all gather together and prove to the powers that be just how much they help us out.

I am lucky. I live in a city and have a whole team of MS nurses at my local hospital. Even though I have my own dedicated nurse, I know all the MS nurses and they are quite simply amazing. They remember every detail, every symptom. They care. Passionately.

My journey through the whole system, from first bizarre symptom to diagnosis to treatment has been made so much easier with their support and guidance. I hate the idea of calling nurses ‘angels’, but in this instance I can make an exception. I’m not quite sure where I would be without their calm, caring manner. I have called them in tears, I have left garbled messages on their answer phones and rung them with the weirdest symptoms. They have always been there for me.

So, let’s give something back? Take five minutes, write or record something and send it in. Spread the word, tell your friends too. We need our MS nurses. They are our lifeline.

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