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I Think, Therefore I Blog

why blogI had an interesting comment on my ‘Pause. Press Play’ blog post the other day:

‘Some of your blogs raise comments and some don’t. Do you know in advance what do and what don’t. One cannot be creative all the time. Do you find you write things because of the commitment or deadline?’

I went away and thought about this and worried that people who read my blog think I just bash out any old post to fill space. I guess it’s a fair point, but believe me, every post is carefully considered. Some posts will appeal or strike a chord with people, some won’t as they’re more directly concerned with my own life, rather than the wider ‘living with MS’ picture.

The ‘Pause. Press Play’ post was an update – I had been off work for three weeks with a haematoma. It also focuses on the wider issue of my current employment. Due to a series of misfortunes, i.e. being stripped of my duties in my previous job and ultimately sacked for having MS, I am between jobs and it’s only thanks to a good friend that I am employed, albeit in an unsuitable job. Rather than be signed off sick, I will fight tooth and nail to stay in employment.

I was highlighting that despite the dire situation, I have brilliant friends and I can still find the humorous side. You have to if you want to live any sort of life with this blasted disease.

I started this blog as a platform for discussion and all comments are welcome – I’ve had my fair share of negative ones and that’s instructive too. Blogging should be two-way process, otherwise, why blog? If you invite comment, you should be prepared to respond to it, hence this post.

In answer to the question, no, I don’t always know which posts will bring the most comments, and I’m often surprised at which ones seem to hit a nerve and are commented on, re-posted on Facebook and re-tweeted. I love the often lively discussion that follow some of my posts and I learn a huge amount from the different viewpoints that come through.

I am grateful for the comment as it allows me to raise some points but as I wrote back, the day I stop having anything to say is the day I stop blogging.

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