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The MS Lottery Of Treatment And Care

Lottery of treatment and careOn Tuesday I went to the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff Bay to attend the launch of the MS Society’s new report, ‘A lottery of treatment and care’.

After going through security (where I had to remove my belt, very embarrassing for muffin-toppers like me) and picking up my ID badge, it was time to catch up with friends over lunch.

The buffet was excellent, but I was very well-behaved and didn’t sneak a little bag in to take some home, even though I was tempted to swipe a couple of the gorgeous cakes.

The launch went perfectly, my only gripe being that there weren’t enough chairs set out and after standing/leaning for a while, I had to move to a sofa at the back of the room, but I still managed to see and hear everything.

The report is hard-hitting and in places, shocking. I had no idea there were only FOUR neurologists who specialise in MS in the whole of Wales, and they are all based along the M4 corridor in the south. Perhaps this plays a part in the fact that six out of ten eligible people do not take disease modifying treatments. In Europe, only Poland and Romania have a smaller proportion of people with MS taking such treatments.

Of particular interest to me, only a quarter of people with MS who are of working age are employed, compared to three quarters of the wider UK population. My being sacked for having MS highlights the fact that discrimination in the workplace is very real and is still happening, despite a raft of measures put in place to prevent this.

The MS Society is calling on all four governments in the UK to ensure that every person with MS has a personalised treatment, care and support plan, with two comprehensive reviews.

We should all read this report and we should all be angry. Yes, there have been some fantastic developments over the last few decades, but if access to services and drug treatments are limited and unfairly distributed, we need to let the decision makers know.

All of us can do something, even if it’s just signing a petition. We need to keep MS firmly in the spotlight.

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