Think Like a Comedian…

I was reading a column in a magazine about how to bring more laughter into your life. After the year I’ve had with MS, I could do with all the help I can get. Apparently, a top tip is to think like a comedian. If you’re standing in a queue or sitting on a bus, see the funny side and notice quirky things. Hmm. Well, ok, I could give that a try.

I went out to pick up my repeat prescription. As I was de-icing the car, a man zipped past in his electric wheelchair with a small dog on a lead. Semi-humorous as the dog couldn’t quite keep up the pace. In the chemist, I queued up behind a man with a hacking cough and a little old lady carrying two massive shopping bags asking about what she could take for diarrhoea. By the counter, there was a whole rack of information leaflets about bowel cancer, breast cancer, giving up smoking and the flu jab. Not so funny.

Next, I went to the supermarket for some coffee and yoghurts. I scanned the aisles and found nothing remotely funny except for some oddly-shaped carrots and a dodgy looking aubergine. At the check out, the woman who served me was telling me they’d already caught one shoplifter that day and it was only 9.30am. They had stolen an Ardenne pâté Christmas gift pack and a bottle of red wine. Classy shoplifter! My first witty observation. I was pleased.

Feeling buoyed up by this, I went for a coffee. A quick Americano with an extra shot. Had a furtive look round. Nope, nothing funny except a few toddlers trying to crayon the floor. In the charity shop next door, the only funny thing I could find was a nodding-head reindeer, but even that was a bit wonky so I didn’t buy it.

Comedy moments seemed to be a bit thin on the ground, so I headed back home. In the post, a few bills, a pizza leaflet and a Scout post Christmas card from someone I vaguely know. I picked up the article again and looked through the other tips. Maybe I should take up their suggestion of ‘thinking outside the box’. This involves forgoing your favourite restaurant on your next ‘date night’ for a night in a casino instead. Random! Only problem is, I’d have to find a boyfriend first, and at my age, that’s no laughing matter…

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  1. Estizer A. Smith says:

    I’ll have to try this tomorrow 🙂

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