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Short-listed for The International Rubery Book Award 2015

I’m chuffed to announce that my book is now published – a compilation of over two years of blog posts (2012 – 2014), edited and proofed down into one handy format. I’ve had an amazing amount of help along the way, not least from:

If Bridget Jones had MS, this would be her diary.‘ – The MS Society.

‘The value of the Stumbling in Flats blog … it opens so many avenues of support and understanding, not only to the sufferer, but to the family, the friends … so that they will understand what it’s like to walk through treacle.’ – Janis H. Winehouse.

Social media is an increasingly important way for people affected by MS to get support, information and inspiration. Barbara’s writing offers all of this plus a winning sense of humour – a vital ingredient in living well with MS.‘ – The MS Trust.

A very special thank you to Janis Winehouse who kindly wrote the foreword and to Paul Eustice, a supremely patient editor who held my hand through the entire process (our hundreds of emails and phone calls bear testament to this).

The project has taken months of selecting, editing and proofing, and re-reading my entire blog from start to finish over fifty times has been a unique form of therapy. I’ve also re-read every single comment from you guys, on the blog and on Twitter,  and am so grateful for all your support throughout the good times and especially the bad. You’ve been with me every step of the way.

With that in mind, the book is in memory of the one person who couldn’t be there, my dad:


My book is now available to buy in any country in which there is an Amazon – here’s the quick links for UK and America:

Amazon UK 

Amazon USA

So, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped shape my experience of coming to terms with MS. Here’s to the next two years!


10 thoughts on “Blog To Book

  1. LadywithMS says:

    This is a wonderful achievement. Many, many congratulations!

  2. Midge says:

    I just started to blog, and am not sure what I am doing. However, I would be interested in sharing some of my thoughts with you. Can you let me know if I’m making any sense on what I am trying to say?

    I love your ideas, and I just purchased your book. Thanks for being voice for so many of us.
    Hugs from a distance.

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment!!
      Re. blogging – always good to start off by setting down what you want to achieve through your blog. Have a kind of plan – what’s your voice? What do you want to share with people? What kind of discussion would you like to generate?
      Email me if you want to chat further, more than happy to help!

  3. Judy Epstein says:

    Your blog is usually the first of my many emails I open. I choose it because I know I’ll relate to it in some ‘stumbling in flats’ way being an ms-er myself. Ms never touched me on a day to day way until I turned 60 (!). I’m just starting biotin. May you sell many copies of your book!

  4. I love your blog and your book. You have inspired me to new heights in the land of the MonSter.

  5. Kathy says:

    Your wonderful book helps me feel better, I smile reading every chapter and have forced a few on my partner!

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