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If you write a blog about MS, let me know and I’ll put the link up here, or if you fancy trying your hand at writing a guest blog post for this site, have a look here and get in touch…

I’m a rich tea in a hob nob world is a new blog by Sarah, who says, ‘MS Survivor, Inappropriate Mother, and a Daily Quest for Reasons to Laugh and Smile.
I’m no literary genius, but as a form of therapy & to stop me going stark raving bonkers, I’ve decided to dip my toes, ever so gently into literary waters & write a blog. So here goes… It’s not going to set the world on fire and will, more often than not be grammatically incorrect and a tad fruity but, it’s good for mind, soul & sanity!’


Mildly Scrambled is a mix tape of music, multiple sclerosis and the occasional gin. Thirteen years in, I hope my experiences can be hopeful, helpful and occasionally amusing.



‘Within the space of just over a year, my life was entirely transformed: my book and now blog follows my journey through that challenging time. It is the story of coming to terms with our older son’s autism as well as trying to deal with my own diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, except I never call it that- MS  sounds a lot less alarming.  I tend to go to great lengths to hide my illness; don’t want the fuss, hence the title Laugh or You’ll Cry.

11807148_10153584605074052_1365375372424628991_o(1)An Aussie now living in the UK. I started blogging my journey from start to present-day (and a little bit in between), to help my family and friends (esp in Australia) understand that it’s no easy ride, but we are all doing OK!. Read it here.




Think In Decimals charts the life of a blogger in her 20’s trying to balance living, working, and having MS since the age of 16.


ladywithmsLadywithMS is a blog by a 30-something Australian with MS – well worth checking out!




Emma has recently started blogging at  – a blog about MS, exercise, alternative therapies, growing food and eating healthy(ish).


Kerri NewellClimbing Downhill was started by Kerri to map her experiences with MS, mobility equipment and house remodeling but now covers so much more. Have a look!



MSWeaving a way is a great new blog about a ‘mother, medical student and eternal optimist blogging about becoming ill with MS and all aspects of life after diagnosis.’



Check out Steve’s blog It’s a Shit Business – an online diary-cum-therapy-hole for a young(ish) man chronicling his life with multiple sclerosis.



Sian writes a great blog about undergoing Alemtuzumab (Campath) treatment in a bid to halt/delay this vile disease – Alemtuzumab, MS and Me.



Nicole Lemelle writes My New Normals. She is a writer, activist and a person living with MS. Her website generates conversation, promotes advocacy, highlights resources and inspires hope.



Not strictly a blog, Aid4disabled is a great website, offering valuable advice and information for people living with MS.


Duncan, a father of three boys, writes an inspiring blog about his fundraising for  MS research. Read about his preparation and training for his Sculling Challenge.



Mary YorkshireMary writes a great blog about how she’s getting back out into the countryside whilst living with MS…and the help of a tandem. Check out A Breath of Fresh Air.

28 thoughts on “MS Blogs

  1. duncan says:

    I have ms father of 3 boys recently retired, 41 yrs old, doing what I can to raise cash for research for cure.
    We will be launching the 10 in10 2013 in January, blog will cover training ,preparation for this
    Check it out

  2. stumbling in flats says:

    Hi Duncan!

    Sounds interesting – let me know the blog address and I will add it to the list.

  3. duncan booth says:

  4. stumbling in flats says:

    Sorry Duncan,
    My mistake (cog fog) – will add it today. What would you like me to use as your little picture? x

  5. duncan booth says:

    i cant paste a pic in this box, any pic from my blog will do. can you do that? i am a bit computer challenged sorry

  6. stumbling in flats says:

    No problem – will sort it out! x

  7. stumbling in flats says:

    All done – let me know if it’s ok. x

  8. Estizer A. Smith says:

    Well I think my blog is great 🙂 I’d love for it to be on your list.

  9. Patrick says:

    Could you mention my website, I have SPMS. OK its not a true blog but I have built this up since Feb 2012 and it has stopped me going bonkers.

    I want the website to help disabled people. If the readers become more independent, have a better quality of life and throw daytime TV into room 101 then I have done something constructive.

  10. Kerri says:

    I would appreciate being added to your list.

  11. Jalon Ekholm says:

    Hi there! I just ‘stumbled’ upon your blog and it is certainly very entertaining and informative. I love your blog about MSPreneurs! I shared this on my MS Warrior facebook page and have been contacted about how well liked it is. I have a blog as well that I would love for you to check out. It is

    Thank you for sharing a little humor and candidness with us all!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments and for sharing the MSpreneur post!
      Your blog is fab, very inspiring and your MS story is spookily similar to my own. The hospital also thought I was having a stroke as my speech deteriorated so badly.
      Hopefully I’m now picking up the pieces and trying to bring a little bit of humour into a dark situation!

  12. Patricia says:


    Thanks for your inspiring blog. I started my blog today. Can you please add me? Im working on turning it into a fundraiser as well. I can add your blog to mine too, let me know if and how you like to be published on my site. Keep up the good work! Blessings

  13. Willeke says:

    Hi there!

    Would it please be possible to add my blog to your list here? I was diagnosed in 2005, and have severe fatigue and trigeminal neuralgia as main symptoms.

    My blog was a finalist in the 2014 Ireland Blog Awards and was shortlisted in 2013.

    I’ve added your blog to my 10 Essential Reads as it’s a fab one and just what I love in MS blogs.

    Take care,
    Willeke (Billie)

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Of course and thank you for the compliment *blushes*! And congrats for the Blog Awards 🙂
      Just send me an idea of a line of two, what you would like to say about your blog? And also the picture you want to use? Email me on:

  14. Hi – great blog! I am a newest newby both to MS and blogging. But I am finding it useful to write it down and get everything off my chest after the worst 12 mths of my life. Please could I publish the link on your site? It is
    Thanks much

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hi there! Thank you 🙂
      So glad you’re blogging. It’s the best therapy ever!
      I’ll add you to my blogging list?

  15. Thanks so much. Yes please add me to your blog list on the address above.

  16. My personal blog is at but the majority of my writing is published via Keep up the good work of encouraging others to write – it is great therapy and best of all, it is free! best, Laura

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