Eat, Don’t Eat

Do you know what really, really annoys me about Christmas time?  We’re encouraged to fill our faces, over-indulge, drink too much, inhale whole tins of Roses and slump on the sofa all day long. Which is lovely. I don’t need an excuse at all. But isn’t it so annoying to pick up the newspaper on Boxing Day only be told off for our over-excess and shouldn’t we think about dieting? Make your mind up.

I am loving this week before the Big Day. My social diary is full, I’m catching up with my long-neglected friends and the usual timetable is suspended. There’s expectation in the air. We’ve reached the fag-end of the year and it’s time to reflect and move forward, fueled by chocolate and mince pies. Come the weekend, it will be totally acceptable to have a glass or two of mulled wine in the afternoon, and if I feel like dropping off in front of the telly, I can. Then I’ll pour myself a Bailey’s  – only at Christmas – and decide what else to stuff my face with.

Boxing Day will bring me back to earth with a thud. Magazines and newspapers flood into the newsagents, full of diets, rebukes and remorse. My local gym will hang banners up chiding me for my gluttony, offering me a free towel if I’m one of the first 50 to sign up for membership. Can’t we just enjoy a week or two of sheer indulgence without the shame afterwards?

It’s exactly the same every year. It’s just like the holiday adverts that pop up on telly. We’re deep in the middle of Christmas, we don’t want to be thinking about booking our next holiday. We’re praying for a little bit of snow. Can’t you wait until mid-January? Christmas isn’t over yet. I just want a chance to relax and enjoy myself.

I still haven’t lost the weight I put on with the steroids I took for three different MS relapses, so give me a break. If I want to buy a Family Circle box of biscuits and eat them all by myself while watching The Sound of Music for the 27th time, I will. I can blame MS. It’s a great excuse.


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6 thoughts on “Eat, Don’t Eat

  1. Tony Cardis says:

    Where are the MS dwarves I was looking forward to them 🙂

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hi Tony!
      I had already written this post! To explain to anyone else reading this – I posted a tweet last night saying ‘Buzz. Twitch. Trip. Drop. Cramp. Numb. Day in the life of a typical MSer’. Tony replied, ‘You need one more for the MS dwarves…’ Probably the best tweet reply ever!

  2. Scot says:

    Lol … I keep hearing people tell me to look at the positive or the bright side of of things, in until right now I’ve had a really hard time with that, but you’re totally right, I have MS and have been on steroids myself so on a few pounds and it is the holiday season so I have been indulging. but now I can use the MS as an excuse what a great idea !! finally MS is giving me something back !!! (LMAO)…So thank you MS and thank you for writing today blog it was great, as I find all of your blogs I’ve come to enjoy seeing reading your blog everyday it truly has become a very positive part of my days

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hi Scot!
      Yup, use the ‘MS excuse’ to the max this holiday season!! And your comment was really lovely, thank you. It’s really miserable and rainy here today so you’ve cheered me up no end.

  3. tony cardis says:

    I will be waiting for them especially Tingle the heroic northern dwarf :)i can’t stop giggling 🙂

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