MS Never Sleeps

knackeredThere was me, down to no afternoon sleep, dropping off to Loose Women, no slumping over books.

I had ENERGY, the MS currency of choice.

Yup, it had to end, and boy, it did.

On the one hand, the pesky thyroid was a gift from above.

I had an obscene abundance of energy. I am ashamed to admit I cleaned round my taps with dental floss and vacuumed my house to within an inch of its life. Dust was banished.

On the other, I ended up in hospital. On Sunday, my mum took one look at me and called a taxi, ‘um my daughter can’t stop moving and shaking, no it’s not drugs, um, apart from Amantadine, but no, it’s not speed, and she won’t throw up in the cab’.

So I spent the next five hours staring at a lovely man who had no idea where he was. I cried. He was wheeled away and I stayed in limbo, with a cannula in my hand and a difficulty talking to the Doctors children who were looking after me. Plus I had an ID band around my wrist. In case I forgot who I was.

They wanted me to stay in overnight but as much as I was tempted by the gruel they serve for breakfast, I demurred. I had to get home. A nurse gave me beta blockers. Sigh. Divine. The trembling stopped and I could breathe again.

At 1.30am, I went back home and sank into my bed. Today, I had an appointment with the GP. Thyroid meds – These will help, but if you get an infection, you have to get a blood test straight away.EVEN if it’s the weekend. Meh.

I was quite happy, just checking in twice a year with the MS team. Now I have to see an endocrinologist, have more blood tests, see the GP on a fortnightly basis. But if it’s the same endocrinologist as before, I’m looking forward to hearing his Italian dulcet tones.

There has to be some recompense, no?

p.s. I had to miss book club too…

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4 thoughts on “MS Never Sleeps

  1. Oh, no! SiF, so sorry to hear you are having such a rough time of it. Is it an either-or situation? That is, either way too energy (who’d ever imagine?) or the old favorite, MS energy deficit? Is it affecting your classes? Hang in there. Ms. CPx

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Bizarrely, I am awake so much homework is no problem!
      It’s weird. Exhausted but crazy energy. If that makes sense. I am so, so, so tired, but body won’t let me sleep.

      • Ugh. While I’m sure the extra energy is nice (for a change, right?!), I hope you get some rest.

        BTW, am intrigued by the dental floss trick. Must try it (NOT that my taps are filthy and encrusted with something that is resistant to all sprays and vigorous scrubs with a scratchy sponge).

        • stumbling in flats says:

          Bless! It’s quite amazing really. There I was, flossing my teeth, when I thought, hang on….. So my taps are now sparkling and I feel a wee bit strange, lol.
          The energy will crash soon. I sleep like the dead but when I wake, I scan my house, looking for stuff to sort out.. Most odd.

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