Seeking Out The Losses

There are plenty of things I have lost since MS.

In fact, looking back, life over the last six/seven years seems mired in loss – partner, job, career, balance to name but a few.

Loss and MS go hand in hand; it’s the endless chipping away of the everyday things, every single day.

Things like swapping glorious Italian-made heeled boots for sensible flats.

Or holding onto a wall in the morning, rather than a handsome peep who doesn’t mind if you eat croissants in bed.

Mind you, I’ve gained a lot too – several stone in weight, a tent-like wardrobe and an unhealthy obsession with weekend newspaper catalogues. Who knew I needed a telescopic thingie for clearing out my drains? I’ll have two. Just in case.

So now I want to focus on positive losses and I started a list:

  • Lose the googling habit – latest being the ‘black holes’ I have in my MRI. Way too many scientific papers to wade through. They’re black holes, and could possibly add interest to my dating profile, aka, ‘divorced, have one Teenager, a weird cat and a good few black holes in my brain (smiley face).’


  • Lose the weight. Readers, I have not had rice, potatoes, sugar or processed food for four weeks now. Surely I should’ve been rewarded with a loss? Maybe one stone, give or take? More like one pound. But a loss is a loss. (p.s. how to weigh up the loss of comfort carbs against a one pound weigh loss? Still working on it).


  • Lose the hernia, otherwise known as ‘Phyllis’. She’s growing daily and my lovely MS nurses were suitably horrified at its size – grapefruit, going on a small melon. Fingers crossed, I will have an operation soon as well as a tummy tuck at the same time if I play my cards right.


  • Lose the doom and gloom attitude. Until the next time. Watch this space …
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