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MS does funny things to your mind. I used to be a voracious reader, but since being diagnosed the most complicated things I read were the instructions on a microwave meal or the telly guide. I couldn’t seem to concentrate and my mind wandered all over the place.

Happily though, I am now back to reading two or three novels a week and the local library is once again staggering under the weight of my book orders. With this in mind, I was chatting to a fellow MSer yesterday and we have decided to start our very own MS book club. I have offered to host and The Teenager will be bribed with a packet of biscuits and bottle of pop to stay upstairs, bless him.

I have past form on the whole book club front. I used to run one years ago, but the clash of personalities was the final nail in the coffin. Once the wine was flowing, arguments would break out. Not about the book we had all read, but about politics of all things. It was ugly. So with this in mind, we will plan things a little differently.

First and foremost, we will all have MS, so concessions will need to be made. Fatigue could cull one or more of us on book club day so we might have to hold it by Skype, each of us on our respective sofas. We will all have a lowered tolerance of alcohol, so we need to be careful (like that’s going to happen…). And we really need to think about choosing short-ish books, just in case. Topsy and Tim anyone?

I am childishly excited though. After months and months of fatigue and general couldn’t-give-a-damn attitude to life, it’s good to be reintroduced into society. Rather than just reading about the world I was missing out on, I will be taking part. Touch wood, I’m on the up and up and life has never looked better.

Any book suggestions would be gratefully received so if you have a brilliant book you’d like to recommend, let me know. Something that will make me look cultured and intelligent would be just fine…

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2 thoughts on “Starting a Book Club…

  1. Tony says:

    The adventures o peppa pig would be a good one Sart on. He he he. Xx

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