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The Plastic Revolution

food processorAfter an awful couple of weeks (health, blah blah, vicious people blah blah), I have found ‘The Answer’.

Who would have thought that a modest plastic thing with two settings – plus a turbo boost – could bring me such joy?

Yes. My brand-new food processor has revolutionised my life.

I was standing there the other day feeding bits of butternut squash into it, the mash part of my vegetable pie. It may have taken a couple of years but I’m now embracing a much healthier diet, spurred on by the daily weight increase thanks to the dratted thyroid meds.

Anyway. There I was, letting my mind wander when it came to me, ‘hang on, why am I feeling this despondent about recent goings-on, all of which are outside my control?’

Hmm. This scenario was beginning to sound boringly familiar. A bit like MS.

As luck would have it, I saw my lovely neurologist last week who mooted a third course of Campath as there’s a couple more lesions, one which was active, on my last MRI. We chatted about it and it was obvious I was going to take the damage-limitation path and choose a third course.

So, my MS is, for now, manageable.

People, sadly, are not.

I’ve learned that if you keep getting cannon balls lobbed at you, you begin to duck.

Then you walk away.

Back to my food processor. I stumble home after work, a new recipe already printed off, ingredients waiting for me in the fridge. I chop, blend, pulse and pulverise. It’s unexpectedly therapeutic.

With no small amount of serendipity, The Teenager is also going through seismic changes. Hold the front page – Dominos has lost one of their most faithful customers.

He is going to the gym five days a week, losing the pounds and toning up. I’m currently researching chia-seed  and flourless birthday cake for next month when he turns 16. However, we have yet to get over his aversion to onions, red peppers, garlic, apples and porridge. Give it time.

So, where are we? Me and The Teenager are doing just fine. We’ll both get through this and we’ve both got a whole lot to look forward to. At times it seemed our little family unit might implode under the dual pressures of MS and those few rogues intent on making our lives a misery.

They can pack up their cannon balls and leave. And let us get back to what we enjoy doing the most – looking after ourselves.

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MS For Teenagers

AppleWe’ve had a very trying weekend and things came to an explosive head on Saturday evening.

The Teenager: WHY are you so tired just now? WHY’S your face all red? WHY are you hugging the fan? Oi, WAKE UP! Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. Can I have a Dominos?

Me: I’m awake. You’ve just had dinner so you can’t be hungry. And we’ve talked about this before. Sweetie.

Teenager: Yeah, you get…..tired…..and hot….and grumpy……and, I mean, like, I get tired and hot too. My X-box gets hot. The cat gets hot. And it’s summer, like d’uh. And I’m hungry all the time coz I’m growing. So ner.

Slammed door. Me, in pieces on the sofa.

How can I explain to him? I wrack my heat-addled brain, jot down a few points then fall asleep.

Later that evening, he thumps downstairs and I swiftly intercept him on his way to the fridge. We sit on the sofas. He slumps, like, whatever, working his way through two Müller Corners, a croissant and the lollipop he gave me earlier (the one I was keeping for later).

Anyway, here goes. Keep it simple. Ok. Heat intolerance – imagine you’re in a sauna and the door is locked. An hour later, exhausted and gasping for breath, unable to think clearly, you have to put the oven on and cook dinner. (at this point, The Teenager plays his trump card – ‘you could have called Dominos, dur’). Smug grin. I calmly continue; then you have to make a few phone calls, reply to some emails, do the laundry, feed the cat and water the plants. All the time you’re feeling hotter and hotter. The bits in your brain start to melt in the heat and send out the wrong messages and your body just doesn’t do what it wants to.

The Teenager: Oh. I get like that when I’m on the rugby pitch, for like, hours.

Me: Exactly! Imagine they won’t let you off the pitch to have some water. They’re pushing you to keep on going. You’re boiling.

The Teenager: Oh. ‘K. So why are you so tired. Tired, tired, tired, all the time. S’not fair. All the other mums don’t get tired. S’not fair, s’not.

Right. It’s not really tiredness like you know. It’s kind of the same as when I get hot. My brain (Teenager sniggers) gets tired out from working extra hard to keep sending the right signals so it gets tired more quickly than, say, your brain (snigger). That’s why I have to sleep a bit more, to rest it a little.

The Teenager: Uh, ok. Can I go now? Got friends waiting for me – X-box party. Paaaaaaaartaaaaaay! See ya!

Did I get the message through? I wander through the house, fretting. Until I come across my lovely, neat desk. Everything in it’s place. Except, under my goldfish paperweight there’s a takeaway pizza menu, topping choices thoughtfully highlighted by The Teenager.

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