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When Life Turns On Its Head

changeLife has a strange way of shaking things up.

Brutal, unexpected and shockingly painful.

A close family member has been taken quite seriously ill and normal life has been suspended.

It might be a cliche to say, but you really do find out just how strong you are when the chips are down.

I’ve been surprised at my inner strength, something I can only attribute to my trials and tribulations through MS.

This last week has been extraordinarily challenging, emotional, cruel and exhausting.

I’ve slept at odd times, eaten junk, had so many cups of coffee, I’ve lost count.

But through it all, life has to go on.

The Teenager has been superb, although my instinct is to protect him. Thankfully, his life is continuing as normal as possible. My family has rallied round and I think we’ve rekindled latent bonds.

I find myself with a whole host of new responsibilities, but we share them. When I feel lonely and lost throughout this, I know I have support.

Of course, MS has been making the most of it all and is up to its usual tricks – more foot drop, more tiredness, walking into walls, falling over my rugs. But for once, I’m dismissing it.

Sometimes – not often – but sometimes, life is bigger than MS.

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