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Happy Now?

I’ve had a tough couple of days. My old nemesis MS fatigue has dropped in for a visit and shows no signs of taking the hint and shoving off, the scoundrel. But in my new, positive spirit, I’m just trucking along, trying to make the best of it.

To cheer me up, I read an article I cut out of  January’s Glamour magazine – 100 Things To Make You Happy and here’s some of what I have taken on board:

  • Become a regular somewhere – I am now a regular at several cafes due to my (at times alarming) Americano addiction, and it’s nice to have a chat and pass the time of day.
  • Get a cute fix – I regularly google ‘animals doing funny things’ and ‘cute baby animals’. I also google ‘ugly babies’. I know, I know, that’s terrible. But try it – I dare you not to smile.
  • Watch ‘The 19.57 From Euston’ on YouTube – a man hires a singing group to perform on the London underground while he proposes to his girlfriend – soooo sweet.
  • Put clean sheets on the bed – possibly one of my most favourite thing to do. Finish off with a squirt of perfume or Febreze if you’re a cheapskate.
  • Buy a smart new notebook – I just bought two and am cultivating an intelligent air in cafes (see above), scribbling down my bon mots and musings. Pretentious, moi?
  • Write down, in new notebook, three things that made you happy each day- it really works.
  • Use a zingy shower gel to get you going in the morning – this works too, but I have to remember not to grab The Teenager’s Lynx by mistake. Not nice.
  • Try a new thing every day – a different newspaper, a new route somewhere, anything. This is great fun and really perks up your mind. Mind you, my builder friend has bought me a chicken curry pie for my lunch. I’ve never tried one before and I’m not sure I want to….

Am I happy now? You betcha.  The article ends on these facts for all us worriers out there:

  • 39% of things you worry about will never happen
  • 32% of things you worry about have already happened
  • 9% (ONLY 9%!!) of worries actually relate to important issues.

So, I’m off to the cafe, notebook and pen in hand. Perhaps I’ll try a different coffee, shake things up a little. The excitement! And it might, just might  keep me awake a bit longer…

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