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Bored Now …

palletsThere’s a dissertation-sized hole in my life.

After an initial frenetic and unseemly hedonistic flurry of trash telly, food, books and gossip magazines, I’m very, very bored and can’t face another jumbo-bag of Bombay Mix.

It’s time to Take Up A Hobby, especially as I will also become an Empty-Nester this year.

I want to reassure The Teenager that I have a fulfilling hobby/social life and won’t be eaten by a pack of wild dogs, at home alone, surrounded by piles of old newspapers and junk mail while he’s away at Uni.

I have many options, some more promising than others. Inspired by The Great British Pottery Throw Down on telly, I investigated clay. Sadly, I don’t have an outhouse where I can build a kiln or a pottery wheel. Undeterred, I looked into air-drying clay, but you can’t really do that much with it beyond napkin rings and small plant pots, so another idea came to a dead-end.

I looked into jewellery-making and bought a magazine all about it. I know how to use pliers and a blowtorch, a pretty good start. I just don’t know how I’d cope with fiddly beads and delicate bits what with my dodgy MS hands. So that was that.

I gave up knitting just after my diagnosis and I gifted my guitar a couple of weeks ago. My sewing machine was donated to a friend years back and crochet confuses me. However, I can make mini ghosts from toilet paper, a bit of thread and a black Sharpie but that’s seasonal.

Upcycling pallets was my next great idea. I see a lot of pallets in my line of work. What if I were to take one apart and put it back together to make seedling racks, coffee tables or outdoor sofas? After having a look on Pinterest, I realised it had already been done to death. The other thing I see a lot of at work are sewer pipes but I can’t see anyone wanting to buy a table made from the stuff, even with the ewwwww/exclusivity factor.

So I’m back to what I know a teeny-tiny bit about – writing. I shall write. I will suffer for my art, drink black coffee and pace the length of my house, anguished and deep in thought. I will produce the Next Great British/Brexit/Scottish novel.

I do have an idea in mind. It’s gathering pace and I think it could just work. So I’m going to put up all my failed-hobby bits and pieces on Gumtree and invest in some hand-ground extra-strong coffee. I’ll tell The Teenager I’ve taken up ballroom dancing, but between you and me, I’ll be writing. Watch this space …

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Help Wanted….

craftyFor the first time in years, I have an awful lot of time on my hands.

MS took my partner, my job and my career path away from me (don’t worry, I’m not about to throw another pity party…).

Also, after six years, I’ve finally finished studying, plus The Teenager has got to the age where he’d rather pull out his eyelashes one by one than sit with me of an evening, supping hot chocolate and watching Grand Designs repeats. Not that we ever actually did that, but you know what I mean.

So this leaves me in a rather weird position. Having no partner clears an awful lot of time. No more, ‘you choose what we’re doing tonight’, ‘no, you choose’. No more planning blissful weekends window-shopping or sitting in little cafes staring into each others eyes. Not that we ever actually did that….

Having lost my career-path job and hence my future career, I now work in a job that I don’t really take home with me, apart from gallons of mud on my boots when I’m on site and a head full of dust.

So now I am in want of a hobby, and this is where you guys come in. I need your suggestions and you all probably know me better than I know myself. First the ones I can’t do – no more knitting (numb right hand), no more sewing machine (wasn’t clever enough to master it), nothing that takes a lot of space (tiny cottage, bonkers cat). I’ve tried baking but am so tired in the evenings, the cake mix ends up on the floor and the pile of washing up makes me weep.

I’m saving up for a saxaphone, but in the meantime I’m looking for something creative. I scanned all the crafty magazines at my local newsagents this morning and my brain got too full to concentrate so I grabbed my newspaper and left.

What do you think? Something I can do at the kitchen table with the radio humming gently in the background? My current hobby involves dossing on the sofa, flicking popcorn at the telly and talking to myself. Help wanted….

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