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Wow. You guys are INCREDIBLE.

So many lovely messages and emails.

you decideI miss you guys and you’ve certainly got me thinking. I too miss blogging about me and The Teenager. Believe me, he’s not getting any easier:

‘You DON’T understand me.’

HOW can I function on any less than five yoghurts a day? And FYI I don’t like prune’

‘WHY is there no junk food in the fridge? What’s with the green stuff?’

Anyway, I have been inspired by you to apply for a Creative Writing MA. No, really. Me, who said they would never, not never take another exam not never again.

And here’s the crux. Should I learn the saxaphone or take the MA? You decide…..


Cxxx (Christopher, otherwise known as the Insanely Stroppy Teenager)

And Dora (mouse-killer extraordinaire) X