The Trouble With Men…..

Peppa PigI love working with men.

The way they just point and snigger when I trip over and then shout out, ‘yeah, mind the step love, eh?’

And when they ask ‘is the leccy off? Can’t see the kettle on?’

I love that they can talk animatedly about cars for hours. Or motorbikes. Or the quickest way from A to B (very, very heated arguments).

What I’m not so enamoured with is their total disregard for their health:

‘Boss, what’s wrong?’

‘Oh nothing. Just that neuralgia on my face back again. And I’m soooooo tired. Do you want that last piece of chocolate twist?’

‘Really??? Have you been to the doctor?’

‘Ha! Like, no. Mind you, I’m totally spaced out on the painkillers. Neurofen are the best. Nice.’


(I then gear up for full-on nagging mode) ‘You do know, don’t you, you’re 8 years off 50. 50!!! You can’t take these things for granted….’

‘Yeah, yeah, whatever. Are you having that last bit or not?’

I love my boss. Not in that way. We’ve known each other for almost a decade. We get on brilliantly. But I worry about him. I’m probably healthier than he is. He said to me this morning. ‘it’s bonkers, it’s as if I just have to get home, have to lie down, and nothing else matters but lying down on the sofa.’. Um, yeah, I’m with you on that one.

So what should I do? I’ve already been with him to hospital the last time he had the nerve pain. This time round, his eye is shutting and he can’t open it properly. He looks worn out. I’ve emailed him the NHS guidelines about neuralgia. When I left him at work today, he was exhausted, turning on the cement mixer to finish the brick-work.

My lovely twitter friend has started a hashtag, #Boss2Dr – if he listens, I will buy him a Peppa Pig Easter egg (don’t laugh, he adores that pig).

As for me, I’m back in work tomorrow…

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6 thoughts on “The Trouble With Men…..

  1. maybe scare him into going?? :p

    not much you can do really, if a person regardless of gender hasn’t gone by this stage, they probably wont :/ he sounds like my dad, found out the other day he was hit by a car months ago, but he didnt go to the hospital until 3 weeks later after my sister nagged him all the time. he hit a plow with his car about 7 years ago and didnt go to the hospital, even tho he should have. men can be stubborn :p stupidly stubborn

    • stumbling in flats says:

      I’ve tried!!

      I told him that one of the leading causes of that is MS and we could be MS buddies. He wasn’t impressed, lol.
      That’s crazy about your dad but am not surprised. My boss is exactly the same. Thinks he’s invincible.

      • and even it it wasn’t MS, it could be so many other things. brain tumor? generally there is something causing the neuralgia . it could something as simple as a bad tooth, but still needs to get dealt with.

        yep, thats exactly it, they think they are invincible :/ daft men

  2. Men and doctors! Seriously! I have had to make appointments FOR my husband. Not because he can’t use the telephone but because he just won’t. So annoying. And embarrassing:

    “Hi, I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Bonehead.”
    “Sure, is this your first visit with Dr. Bonehead?”
    “Errrr, actually, I’m calling for my husband.”
    “Oh. Right.” [pitying pause] “When would *he* like to come in?”

    • stumbling in flats says:

      I feel like doing the same with the boss. Either that or I kidnap him but that’s illegal I guess. Or take his Grumpy Cat soft toy hostage. (Evil laugh) x

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