Yes, Of Course, MS, Whatever You Say …

yodaI had plans. Lots of them.

As The Teenager was away in London with his dad, I had a whole list of things I would do.

I forget to factor in MS.

This morning I woke up at 7am. I stretched, inadvertently kicked the cat off the bed and felt smug that I had slept in. Until I realised the clocks had gone forward, and it was technically 6am. Gah.

I got up, made a coffee and consulted my list:

  • Sort out all those thin clothes I will never have a hope of fitting in to.
  • Sort charity bags.
  • Hang pictures.
  • Clean bathroom.
  • Shred bank statements.
  • Tidy up back yard.

But then, just  as I was feeling human, MS took me by the shoulders and steered me to the sofa.

Erm, ok. So, if I just close my eyes for a few minutes, I’ll be fine again?

Three hours later I woke up. Three hours.

I am exhausted, MS fatigue is driving me crazy.

I am wading through cotton wool. I knew it would happen at some point … I just wasn’t ready.

So now the MS monster is back.

It’s shoving me in to walls, pushing me into corners and making me walk funny. Even talking is an effort.

I’m a wreck, but a wreck who has to keep on going.

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8 thoughts on “Yes, Of Course, MS, Whatever You Say …

  1. A wreck also has to take time to recover tho, unless the bathroom is starting to grow mold that is starting to grow legs and move, it can wait 😉

  2. Kirsty says:

    A list is a brilliant thing, as long as it’s on good stationary. It means the list will still be there when you get through this. I like adding something to the list that I’ve already done, gives me great pleasure to cross one thing off. ? X

    • stumbling in flats says:

      I do that!! It’s brilliant scribbling stuff down then immediately putting a line through them 🙂

  3. Tricia says:

    Keep going, we are with you all the way. The way be slow, fuzzy headed and so tired. But we are with you. Xxxxxx

  4. Lisa says:

    I am with you all the way. I rarely wake before 9/10am these days, by the time I manage to get up and make a drink, i’m ready to go back to bed !
    I never knew MS fatigue could be so extreme. The last 3 months has seen me sleeping 80% of the day and all night.
    I feel as though I am wading through treacle,wearing leaden clothing and unable to keep my eyes open and rarely able to leave the house these days.
    I live in hope that this along with the never ending cog fog will one day leave me alone for a while at least.
    As our lists grow ever longer, I dream of crossing off just one of those arduous tasks!
    Take care X

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Sounds so similar to me these last couple of days – every single thing is an effort 🙁
      Am hoping it lifts soon – it often does and then I cram as much as possible into the next reprieve, until it happens again.

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