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Some of you have asked to see my Easter branches – I know it’s way too early, but anything is better than studying. Plus, I get to feel all crafty and domesticated. Pinterest? Nailed it.

So far I have managed to keep Bubble the cat away from batting at the eggs, and I have placed Wee Bubble next to the vase just to annoy her.

p.s. Bubble not very impressed – she sneaked up behind me and shoved Wee Bubble off the shelf…


p.p.s. I really should get some studying done….

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23 thoughts on “A Random Crafty Picture…

  1. Oh, I LOVE it – the Easter decoration and Wee Bubble! Been having a bit of a Rough Day; this was just what I needed to make me smile!!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Aw, thank you! Am feeling rather chuffed with it. All I need now are some chocolate Easter eggs to munch on (totally forgetting the entire bag of Mini Eggs I demolished last night..)
      Hope you’re ok? I had a rotten day on Saturday – couldn’t get off the sofa most of the morning and afternoon. Only thing keeping me going was the thought of a Chinese with friends in the evening. Meh.

  2. stumbling in flats says:

    p.s. just added an update – Bubble doesn’t take kindly to imposters, bless her. Wee Bubble has been slain…

    • Julie says:

      That’s funny! What are you studying?

      • stumbling in flats says:

        A six-year part time degree in Health and Social Care. Am in my last year and it all seemed such a good idea back in 2007, lol. Really, really struggled last year but am determined, brain working or not, to get to the finish line….

        • Julie says:

          Good luck with that. 2 years ago I did maths, English and science GCSE’s and ECDL (computers). After 15 years as housewife my plan was to return to work 09/12. Can’t see it happening now. I am capable but doubt employers will be willing to take me on. I hope you can stick with it, it’s good to say ‘I did it and I passed’.

          • stumbling in flats says:

            Same here! My master plan, as the Teenager was growing up, was to get the degree under my belt then do an MA in Social Work. But sadly, I now realise I will never be able to work full time, far less be able to do such a demanding MA. It’s something I’m not quite ready to accept totally yet – still to work through that one!
            I’m in the same position re. job. Got sacked from last one for having MS and currently looking for new one. It’s not easy.

        • Patrick says:

          Do you mind if I ask where you are studying? I will cut to the chase – I give presentations about MS and how to cope. Had to stop work cos of MS, I have SPMS, diagnosed in 1995, first attack in 1979. Nowadays run website to stop me going bonkers. I’m always looking for new openings. Can you help? If any suspicions then take a look at my website http://www.aid4disabled.com. You can always write to me directly from website

          Thanks, Patrick

          • stumbling in flats says:

            Hi Patrick!
            Don’t mind at all – I study with the Open University so I can combine it with family and work. It’s been a god-send. Plus they’re very supportive, especially last year when I was going through a terrible relapse during the exam period.
            My MS nurse wrote a letter and they gave me special dispensation during the exam which really helped.

    • Poor Wee Bubble! This post is making my day.

      I’m okay; just a bit panicky about upcoming medical appointments. Right now I’m savoring Sexy British Guy in the Walking Dead (even though he’s a bit ratty-looking in this episode).

      Hope you are recovered from feeling bad Saturday.

      • stumbling in flats says:

        The things I do when I should be mugging up on interesting study notes, lol!
        Bless you with the panicking, you poor thing. Just think of Wee Bubble falling (pushed?) off the shelf….
        You enjoy Walking Dead Guy, he is absolutely divine. And he’s mine (ner, ner, ner, ner, ner). How old am I?
        I’m feeling a lot better now, thank you – must have been one of these horrendous MS days. Out of the blue, meh.

        • Okay, not panicking(this instant); thinking of Wee Bubble and Divine Walking Dead guy. Thanks!

          So glad you are better.

          Okay, leaving you alone now so I’m not in any way responsible for you not studying!!

          p.s. WRONG: WD guy is mine! (We are equally immature…)

          • stumbling in flats says:

            Hey, any excuse not to study is just fine by me!! Teenager asking what the hell I’m wittering about now – he just looked at the post and went, ‘Why?’
            p.s. I’ve seen him LIVE, ON STAGE!!! Ya boo….

  3. Julie says:

    My daughter will like this idea. Her birthday is in April and she loves all things Easter. Looks good. I would have to hangs things on the little wooden tree beside it at Christmas too!
    My fear of the lumbar comes from bad experiences of epidurals when I had the kids. First one didn’t work and had to be re-sited (I told my husband to punch the anesthetist – and I don’t do violence, thankfully neither does my husband!). During the second birth after the 5th time of being stabbed in a nerve I refused any more attempts and had a general. I am hoping that the different circumstances will be in my favour and all will go well. Do you think I might be offered a sedative if I make enough fuss?

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you! I put some little tiny decorations on the wooden one – got a bit carried away, lol.
      Can completely understand re the epidural. When I got one, it was pretty horrific – ‘Stay STILL otherwise we could paralyse you’. In the middle of a huge contraction!
      When I asked about a sedative for my MRI (extreme claustrophobia), they said I should have organised it through my GP first. The hospital wouldn’t give me one there and then. Maybe it’s an idea, before May, to call the Neuro Day Unit and ask their advice. So you’ve got time to plan things? But definitely sounds like a sedative would make you more comfortable and the lumbar puncture will be much easier to perform.
      Believe me, the week-long headache I got afterwards (because I didn’t lie down long enough) was waaaay worse than the lumbar puncture.
      Stay in touch!!

      • Julie says:

        I have refused the brain/spine scan in a regular scanner and have asked to be sent to an open one. I try not to be difficult but 50 mins is waaay too long in one of those! Plus I am weary from all the tests I had when diagnosed with strokes – CT scans/mri scans/camera down throat to look at heart/daily blood tests as was put on warfarin/5 day heart monitor/24 hr blood pressure monitor/numerous other blood tests. Not complaining just tired of being man-handled. I’ll remember to lay down, have read about that a few times.

        • stumbling in flats says:

          I can’t believe what you’ve been through. I really, really hope you get a firm diagnosis this time and can look into treatment options. We really do need to have one single test for MS!! I know they’re working on it, so there’s hope for other peeps in the future. For now, you have us lovely bunch of people – we’re always on hand…

          • Julie says:

            Oh thank you, you do seem a great bunch, and I don’t know anyone else with a condition like this.

          • stumbling in flats says:

            When I first had symptoms, I knew no one with MS. We’re all bonkers on here, but in a good way. Twitter is a great way to connect with MSers too. Or just do what I do and tweet random thoughts as they pop into my mind, lol.

  4. Chris says:

    Looks fab must get quirky and arty with ms 🙂 lovely

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you! The great thing about MS is, you can say, ‘oh, dodgy hands, but I tried my best’, lol. Well, that’s my excuse!

    • Chris says:

      Just reading thru comments, my diagnosis over 20 years ago after 3 years if stroke tumours everything, I have been numb down since my first one been in wheel chair scooter etc etc all rubbish but I have fab family been married nearly 25 years hubby wants me to go on cruise to celebrate , really worried about terrible traveler but been i n those MRI scan so many time it’s got be better than that , just hope my legs working and can enjoy, stay positive get scan MRI think of something nice and sing .
      I had bad news this week but mine been there a long time and I and my family will battle till the end witch will hopefully be when I am a grandmother x I have 3 children 23 22 18 and there brill one married my fab daughter whos a teacher , oh and I have two dogs 3 cats 2 chickens and a lovely carer who is my old freind x that’s me nice to have found this blog it’s lovely to talk .
      Chris x

      • stumbling in flats says:

        Hi Chris,
        It’s so good to hear you have such a fab support network around you? It sounds tough, but always even a little easier if you’ve got people who help out.
        I’m only grumbling tonight as I have to go back for blood tests tomorrow (already have to go every month for five years). Got an unexplained bruise on my arm – I had Campath in the summer.
        Anyway, Roll on May! I’m sure you can’t wait to finally have a proper answer?

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