Getting On My Nerves…

special offerIt’s been a stressful week and stress plus MS equals a spike in symptoms.

I have tried everything to stay serene and in control – deep breathing, chocolate, mindfulness, two episodes of Mad Men.

The deep breathing made me feel a bit silly, the chocolate nudged the scales up,  The ‘Power of Now’ was the ‘Power of Not-Right-Now’ and as for Mad Men, well, two episodes are never enough.

For me, it’s mostly an increase in nerve pain. Ever tried describing nerve pain to the uninitiated? Burning, tingling, numbness, crawling, aching doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Tingling sounds delightful, numbness sounds painless, crawling sounds weird and we all ache, don’t we? Just like we all get tired.

It’s been driving me round the twist all week and as always with MS, it doesn’t come alone. It’s the great MS special offer – ‘get one symptom, get three free’. So, as well as the nerve pain, there’s the fatigue, the wonkier walking, the hands that’d be better suited to a Greek taverna. Smashed plates? Yup, as well as my last proper grown up wine glass and yet another chip in yet another bowl.

I lay awake most of last night listening to Izzy miaow loudly. For a tiny cat, she’s got a huge set of lungs. The Teenager got up and shut his door and I was left to ponder the cobwebs on the ceiling and listen to a group of drunk woman sing ‘Simply The Best’ outside my window at 1.30 am. The pain was excruciating and made even more unbearable as my legs started to jerk and twitch.

I wasn’t sure if it was like being possessed by a malevolent spirit (The Exorcist sprang to mind in the wee small hours) or being stretched on a rack. Only problem was, I couldn’t get up and go downstairs as new cat Izzy would think it was perfectly normal to sit in the kitchen listening to the shipping forecast before sunrise. I was trapped and the women outside moved on to a Tom Jones medley, a tortuous backdrop to insane pain.

Action plan for the weekend – rescue ‘The Power of Now’ book from the corner I flung it in to, lie on the sofa with a huge bag of crisps and a relaxing face-pack on and chant, ‘this too shall pass’ over and over and over again…

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8 thoughts on “Getting On My Nerves…

  1. Jenny says:

    Sounds like a long night – hope you get more peace tonight. I’ve had “tingles” with a vengeance this week in my right hand and leg and tongue! (Weird!). I’m due my next Tysabri on Monday so maybe it’s just my body desperate for the next fix. It’s strange isn’t it? If you try and explain it to a non ms person they really have no idea – well, you look well so it can’t be that bad!!!!????!! Grrrrrr!!!!! Enjoy a restful night – chocolate, crisps, wine and tv should help.
    Jenny x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Isn’t it awful?! It doesn’t sound bad to anyone else, but can drive you to distraction. Every morning I’ve been waking up with both hands completely numb, which isn’t great fun for making coffee!
      But yes, trying to describe to anyone else is a nightmare. I’ve given up!
      Just had a two hour sleep to try to forget the pain. Co-codamol seem to be kicking in – yay – and watched an old Catherine Cookson film on telly. Sad or what??

  2. You poor thing! Sounds perfectly dreadful. I’ve tried describing fatigue to people who I can practically SEE rolling their eyes. Nope, others just Don’t Get It.

    Hoping today with the crisps and face pack is a huge improvement.

    Ms. C-Px

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you!
      I was at the chemist’s earlier trying to describe the pain and was met with blank faces. So got some co-codamol with a strict warning to only take it for three days otherwise I will become addicted. Lovely.
      Anyway, the sun is shining, have eaten my crisps and I’m off to see the Builder’s new house and help him decide where to hang his artwork. Totes fun!

  3. Tony Cardis says:

    I know what you mean about stress, we are selling our house, you try not to let it get to you but it’s a bummer of a time.
    And I’m sure every one who wants to visit sits and waits till I’m just about ready to pass out on the sofa
    They must really enjoy been shown around by a zombie.
    But we are stuck with it so chins up and spoil yourself with treats and onwards 🙂

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Definitely! And zombie is the right word for how I’m feeling.
      Bummer about you selling your house – supposed to be one of THE most stressful things to do! I feel for you.
      I visited the builder to see his new house and he gave me a lovely pile of chocolate to take home. He knows me far too well!

  4. Becky says:

    I tried to describe the tingeling to others and it is so hard! I have a continual tingle on my nose of all places!It is like someone is constantly tickeling it with a feather! So annoying. Hang in there! I just go a cold from someone at work and have spent the day sleeping and reading. Sometimes that is just what we HAVE to do and we cannot feel guilty about it! just get better!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hi Becky!
      I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes one of my fingers tingles constantly – it’s not painful, just annoying. And you are right, sometimes we do what we have to do without all the guilt that goes with it. Like yesterday, I slept when The Teenager was in town. I didn’t want to, but I knew I had to if I was going to enjoy the rest of the day. I’m much more accepting now!
      Hope your cold clears up soon…

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