I’m A Finalist …

tubeWho would have thought one little line in a blog post would lead to so much?

That’s what happened when I mentioned in passing that I had been refused a taxi at Carmarthen train station, on my way to a meeting (it was a short fare, I offered a decent trip but he didn’t want to lose his place in the queue – of three taxis …)

My post was actually about The Teenager and whether he (and the cat) would survive me being away for one night.

The media picked up on it and long story short, I won the case against the taxi driver, after enduring a gruelling grilling from the Licensing Committee (the driver denied the altercation ever took place – CCTV proved otherwise). It was uncomfortable to say the least and I asked for him not to be punished unduly (this was Christmas, a prime season for taxis). All I wanted was a little more awareness.

I spoke on the radio, appeared in news articles and was filmed at home during a relapse – hence my stunned, pale face. Not helped by the fact that I was wearing a white blouse.

Anyway, I am now a finalist for the MS Awards, in the Campaigner category, and a big thank you to whoever nominated me. I’m due to go to London on Thursday evening, ready for the ceremony on Friday. However, I’m a little wary as, well, um, I’m big. Huge.

I ordered a bunch of clothes off various outfits and split seams, cried and stamped my foot.

I sent them all back.

I ordered more, and miracle of miracles, one of them actually fits me. The size will remain a closely-guarded secret. And so it is, I will be all in black – slimming, lol – mysterious, and, well, slimming, hopefully.

I met a friend for coffee this morning as I’m working from home, so can spread out the paperwork over the whole day. She bigged me up and told me to sail forth and go for it.

I will try my hardest. In the grand scheme of things (a phrase we say a lot in work), does it really matter? The best part of being there will be meeting everyone else – I’ve been to two other ceremonies (yup, I lost out twice before) and really, the people make it. There are so many inspiring, incredible and utterly gobsmackingly amazing people, it’s just a joy to be in their company.

So with that in mind, I will big myself up (lol), push my shoulders back and, um, sail? Does one sail after reaching a certain size?

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6 thoughts on “I’m A Finalist …

  1. Gail Taylor says:

    Congratulations that is fantastic news & well deserved.
    One can sail at any size with a positive attitude, charming smile and the right size of spandex undies ??
    I will keep my fingers crossed for third time lucky ? xXx

  2. Annie says:

    Wow congratulations… that sounds amazing. I’m sure you will look fantastic! You think you’re bigger than you are(judging from any photos I’ve seen) …. have a brilliant brilliant night and really good luck x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you!
      I think it was a shock that I couldn’t fit in to the outfit I wore last year 🙁 It showed just how much I’d put on!

  3. Joan (Wales) says:

    Sailing? Don’t you mean floating (in the air)? Congratulations and well done to be nominated for an award. You deserve to win, especially after keeping calm under the grilling you were given by the Licensing Committee. I’m sure I would have gone to pieces.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good news.
    Take care.

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Lol, floating sounds good!!
      I very nearly did go to pieces, it was horrendous. My MS seemed to be under investigation, not the taxi driver. At least the outcome was positive!

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