Isten Hozott Magyarországon

danubeI think the title means, ‘Welcome to Hungary’?

I can’t be sure, as Hungarian is the one language that has completely flummoxed me.

Yet ‘welcome’ is the best word I can use to describe my trip to Hungary over the weekend, to speak at a neurological conference about my MS treatment option.

From the chaos of Budapest airport to the stunning hillside of a remote hotel on the curve of the Danube, I slept well for two nights in a row for the first time in months.

I had my speech ready, I had a nap beforehand, I polished my shoes. I had been told it would be a small conference attendance as I was due to speak at the end of the main day. Excellent. 60-odd people? I could handle that.

I met a translator, who had worked for NATO Generals, no less, so I felt a little feeble, clutching my print-out, scribbled-out speech in my hand. Luckily, he had also translated for my fellow-Glaswegian Alex Ferguson, so I knew I was on solid ground. Apparently, according to Hungarian people, I speak really, really fast.

Sadly for me, and my first attempt at a sole speech, it was a packed house, and we were running late. So I sat through three incredibly interesting presentations in Hungarian. Then it was my turn and nobody left the room. Everyone took up their headphones for an instant translation of my ramblings. Right. Ok. I could do this.

And so I began.

I gave my speech. People nodded and clapped. Then I moved from the lectern to the stage and sat with a fabulous Hungarian neurologist and answered questions. I felt a lot happier on this ground and chatted away, feeling sorry for the translator who had to explain  my ‘uumms’ and ‘ahhs’.

People clapped, and I left, a little shaky, but certain that I had done the best I could have. I was instantly whisked away to speak to a journalist from the only magazine for MS peeps, translator at hand. I had my photo taken and could feel his disappointment as I know I look a lot bigger in white tops.

Anyway. Hungary. What a beautiful country. I lived for a while not so very far from there – in Austria, for almost two years. But that was over 25 years ago.

To be back there was just perfect. The changes have been immense, and it was a joy to see a country I love blossom.

On an MS note, it was fantastic to speak to the movers and shakers in the Hungarian MS community, and hopefully, this will trickle down. And then some …

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6 thoughts on “Isten Hozott Magyarországon

  1. Annie says:

    Well done. I’m sure you were fab. Would love to have been a fly on the wall. Enjoy being back home with cat ?

  2. Sally says:

    Really well done. Took a lot of guts doing that. Hungarian really is the weirdest language. I have a German friend who is married to a Hungarian. Her efforts to learn the language are heroic. I laughed when said you speak really fast. I have friends over here ( including English ) who refuse to contact me for a week after I’ve been home in Scotland as they cannot understand me until my accent drops back. ?

    • stumbling in flats says:

      So true!! My accent instantly gets ten times stronger the minute I set foot in Scotland, lol.
      I totally admire your friend. I’ve always prided myself on being able to learn languages pretty quickly. Not this time! Life is too short for me to learn Hungarian I think!

  3. Liz says:

    That was a fabulous read Barbara, and what an excellent opportunity to have taken, thank you very much….it’s communications / opportunities like this, and that you have taken on behalf of MSers in the U.K., that bring the international MS communities closer together…….!, thanks again!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      It was amazing and anything we can do to bring MS communities closer together, like you say, is fantastic!
      It’s the same with Twitter and Facebook, all of us chatting across the world. I love it!

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