Miss Non-Opportunity

idiotStory of my life.

I let the (potential)  man of my dreams slip through my fingers. Perhaps.

I was having one of those Sunday mornings, when you think, ‘ah, I’ll wear those really baggy jeans and a really old top with holes in it and some ancient shoes, but for some reason I’ll spray myself in perfume.’

You know – you just want to feel a little feminine despite the clothes? Touch of mascara and tinted lip-balm. Sorted.

In my defence, and with hindsight, I’d had an awful MS Saturday and MS sleep. No matter. It was too late.

Anyway. There I was, in my local corner store, buying up a pile of papers and one of those huge chocolate bars on offer.

A man appeared in my peripheral vision. I didn’t look – playing it cool. He leaned a little closer. I moved a little away (honestly – I have learnt nothing from reading all those ‘how to meet a man in your local store’ articles).

He spoke. ‘I love your perfume!’

Reader, I garbled. I cast a quick glance at the very tall, very handsome, very without-a-wedding-ring man standing next to me with a takeaway coffee in his hand. From my favourite coffee shop.

‘Ah. Ta, mate. Got it from Aldi.’

Did I just say that? Mate?

I did.

It got worse. I rummaged in my bag and actually pulled out the bottle to show him.

I even said, ‘Under a fiver! How’s that for a bargain!’

He looked a little scared, paid for his  newspaper and left.

I went home and had a very serious talk with myself.

Story of my life.

p.s. If you see this man – over six feet, black coat, Observer newpaper, bit of a stubble, nice boots – let me know …

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8 thoughts on “Miss Non-Opportunity

  1. David says:

    Life can be so funny ? at times.
    It reminds me 1993 I had to take a very sick cat to the vets, Vicki wanted to go (she was using crutches) no makeup and baggy top and pants, the vet was a 6’6″ very dishy white South African, Vicki mumbling answers afterwards asked what the vet said.
    I thought it very funny.
    Hope you are now over it, and well done, how many times have you been back

  2. Kirsty says:

    Oops. lots of swear words etc etc.
    Plenty fish in the sea etc.
    keep those eyes peeled when next in shop. Or pop to Aldi for more perfume in the hope he’s there. Xx

  3. Becca says:

    We’ve all been there!

  4. Michael Johnson says:

    I did something similar; a woman once said she liked my jacket and I said “mum bought it”. Never went back to Waitrose again.

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