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Miss Non-Opportunity

idiotStory of my life.

I let the (potential)  man of my dreams slip through my fingers. Perhaps.

I was having one of those Sunday mornings, when you think, ‘ah, I’ll wear those really baggy jeans and a really old top with holes in it and some ancient shoes, but for some reason I’ll spray myself in perfume.’

You know – you just want to feel a little feminine despite the clothes? Touch of mascara and tinted lip-balm. Sorted.

In my defence, and with hindsight, I’d had an awful MS Saturday and MS sleep. No matter. It was too late.

Anyway. There I was, in my local corner store, buying up a pile of papers and one of those huge chocolate bars on offer.

A man appeared in my peripheral vision. I didn’t look – playing it cool. He leaned a little closer. I moved a little away (honestly – I have learnt nothing from reading all those ‘how to meet a man in your local store’ articles).

He spoke. ‘I love your perfume!’

Reader, I garbled. I cast a quick glance at the very tall, very handsome, very without-a-wedding-ring man standing next to me with a takeaway coffee in his hand. From my favourite coffee shop.

‘Ah. Ta, mate. Got it from Aldi.’

Did I just say that? Mate?

I did.

It got worse. I rummaged in my bag and actually pulled out the bottle to show him.

I even said, ‘Under a fiver! How’s that for a bargain!’

He looked a little scared, paid for his  newspaper and left.

I went home and had a very serious talk with myself.

Story of my life.

p.s. If you see this man – over six feet, black coat, Observer newpaper, bit of a stubble, nice boots – let me know …

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