On a Lighter Note…

Day three post-job, and I’m feeling great. You don’t realise how crap your life has become until the load is lifted. On Sunday I woke up dreading Monday. Another awful, nasty, bullying week in work lay ahead. A week of being snubbed, excluded, picked on and despised, just because I have multiple sclerosis.

Yesterday, I woke up and the familiar black pall of gloom descended. Until I remembered it was all over. Finito. I bounded out of bed, sang in the shower, skipped downstairs and just felt…good. This is how ‘normal’ feels.

My posture is better and I’m sure my skin is brighter. I’m not constantly wary of the next sly comment or wondering what scheme they will come up with next. I can see now that they had planned a systematic campaign to drive me from my job. First, stripping me of every single duty they could, leaving me with a job that was no longer sustainable. When that didn’t make me leave, a new campaign of exclusion, lies and snide remarks was cranked up. And still I didn’t leave. So I guess I won in the end. They were exasperated enough to sack me on very dodgy charges, in their hurry to just darn well get me out the place.

So, I’m feeling positive and optimistic. I’m looking forward to a better, brighter future. I’ve been whizzing my way through my ‘to do’ list, catching up on paperwork and generally just clearing the decks, mentally and physically.

The final hurdle will be going back to the Office of Doom today to pick up my things. I will just take a deep breath, gather my belongings, sort our some final points and look forward to that brilliant feeling I will have as I bounce down the stairs and leave. For ever.

Think I should tell them I’ve been spitting in their coffee all these months?

(Nah, I didn’t..honest)

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