Confused but Elated

Boardroom, 9am, yesterday morning. The Showdown.

Five minutes later, I’m in the car on the way home, blasting out music, giggling away to myself like a maniac. I am free.

To recap, on Monday I was dismissed from my job of two years on ‘health grounds’. It’s for my own good, of course. I was given no chance to bring a representative with me, which I believe is illegal and I mentioned that point several times during the meeting. They were prepared, I was taken completely unawares. I asked for two months and they said they would get back to me in the morning.

Tuesday morning. They agree to my ‘demands’ on the understanding that I will work from home. I am to go back in on Thursday morning to collect my belongings, pick up a memory stick full of the documents I need, give them a chance to gawp at the ‘sacked’ girl then leave behind that sad, sorry part of my life forever.

How do I feel? Shocked, confused, delirious with freedom from bullying. It’s a truly disgusting scenario and I still find it hard to digest. Can this really happen in 2012? I am confused as I suddenly have so many options. My world has opened up in a delicious way. I will no longer have to face day after day of endless criticism and exclusion. I no longer have to creep around, ‘apologising’ for my very existence and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

Will I take it further? I am speaking to an MS lawyer on Monday. I am going to keep all possible avenues open. But for now, I have 9 weeks of guaranteed income. I will be my own boss.

This will be a fresh start.

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4 thoughts on “Confused but Elated

  1. Celia says:

    At the risk of sounding too hippydippy, I firmly believe in things happening for a reason. This might feel scary for you but it could be the beginning of a very exciting new chapter. Stay positive and I look forward to reading about how your journey progresses!

  2. stumbling in flats says:

    I think you’re absolutely right Celia and thank you for your lovely comment. Just got to take a deep breath and get through it. Next year will be fabulous! x

  3. Allyson says:

    Cannot believe they did not have someone from HR there to sit in the middle and make sure this was fair for everyone. I work in HR and find this situation unreal! Hope they get what’s coming to them!!! Best of luck in fighting this one to the end… x

  4. stumbling in flats says:

    Thanks Allyson! Sadly, the two people who were bullying me were also HR. Very small office. I had no recourse whatsoever. Thank you for your good wishes! x

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