Shhh….Silent Sundays….

I love the blogging trend of Silent Sundays. You post a picture with no text, summing up your week. You have to take the picture yourself. But where would I begin??

So, from tomorrow, I won’t be posting a blog on Sundays. Not because I’m lazy (well, maybe a little), but the weekends with The Teenager are just too darned busy. I’m a taxi driver, cheerleader, chief cook and bottle washer all rolled into one. I’m trapped between the washing machine and my cooker, with The Teenager yelling football scores at me every ten minutes. There’s rugby mud all over the kitchen floor and music blasting from his bedroom. I love Madness as much as the next person, but all evening?

I would love to post a picture that neatly depicts the week I’ve had, but I just couldn’t fit all the wine bottles into one frame…..and anyhow, you’d probably laugh at my awful photography skills. Please enjoy the break from my ramblings and I’ll see you all on Monday.

Happy weekend! ┬áNow, where’s that corkscrew?


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