Why ‘Stumbling In Flats?’

I’ve had some  messages asking me to explain the title of my blog, so get yourselves comfortable and I will tell you the whole sorry saga.

I’m quite tall for a woman, and I was pretty tall in school. I longed to be a dinky little thing, one of those cute girls the rugby blokes would be quick to take under their wing and look after. No such luck. So, I slouched. I wore Doc Martin boots, long skirts edged with tiny mirrors and grungy tops. All through sixth form, I was group-less, so belonged to the group of all the people who didn’t belong to any group.

When I was 18, I decided against taking up my place in University and moved to Europe instead. I swapped the grunge for crisp white shirts and smart jeans, and if I was feeling particularly adventurous, a jaunty neck-scarf. The next step was exchanging my Doc Martins for elegant, Italian-made leather ankle boots, with a glorious heel.

Well, it was a life-changer. I did not walk, I strode. I sashayed. Head  and shoulders back, I adored strutting my stuff. I had a bit of a setback in Poland though, when a bunch of friends and I  headed off to stock up on cheap fags and beer. We ended up staying in a dodgy hostel where we were told to leave our shoes outside the door. Polish tradition, no?

The next morning, my beautiful boots were gone. I cried. A lot. I drove back home in a borrowed pair of too-small flip-flops. Lesson learned, I saved up for another pair and never looked back.  Until MS came along. I may as well have been walking on stilts. I simply could no longer wear heels at all.

My ‘walk’ became a ridiculous shuffle, eyes downcast, watching the floor. Foot drop was the bane of my life. So, with a heavy heart, I gave my last two pairs of heels to a good friend of mine. It was a sad, sad day. And since then, the closest I have to heels are cowboy boots. How depressing.

I miss my walk. I miss striding and sashaying. I hate foot drop. But it’s happened. I have a whole bunch of beautiful flat shoes. But, hey, I still stumble…

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4 thoughts on “Why ‘Stumbling In Flats?’

  1. unamamaconem says:

    Ive always been really tall too! Taller than a regular spaniard boy… And I had a doc matins too, they were blue and I loved them.
    Someone should start a research about ms and doc martins while being a teenager, hahaha!
    By the way, if u continue stumbling maybe you could use your heels anyway! Just make sure they are not really high to avoid a broken arm in your fall!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Definitely some research needed, lol. I went to town today and had a look at the Doc Martins – they’ve got lovely tartan ones! Was very tempted….

  2. Sue says:

    I knew exactly what you meant by stumbling in flats.
    Try being five foot one and a half and not being able to wear heels.
    I loved my high heels it was one of my early symptoms my foot would not bend into the right shape to get into a high heeled shoe or boot.
    I still sympathise totally with your desire for heels even when you are already tall there is something about high heels that gives you a buzz and flats do make you feel frumpy don’t they?
    Doc Martins are too flaming heavy I can hardly lift my feet in them!
    Never mind eh?
    Sue x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hi Sue!
      A fellow stumbler in flats! Yup, I still miss sashaying and striding. Not quite the same in ballet pumps, meh. Know what you mean about Doc Martins being a bit too heavy though, perhaps I have enough problems lifting my feet as it is, lol. My quest continues….

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