Snow Joke…

It’s finally here. The white stuff is falling from the sky and there’s a lot of it. The Teenager is flapping around trying to find his gloves so he can make snowballs and I doubt school will be open today.

Last week when the promised snow failed to materialise, he was nonchalant. ‘Don’t care. Too old for snowballs anyway. D’uh. Snow’s for kids.’ Hmm. That’s why he rushed to the window every morning and turned away each time with a sad little face.

The news is on and this is obviously a national crisis. Who would’ve thought it – snow in Winter? They have cold-looking reporters in padded jackets stationed across the country, sending live and ‘exclusive’ reports from gritting depots, fields of snow and um, gritting depots. My friend texted me yesterday, saying people were panic-buying petrol, there was no bread or milk left in the supermarket and the roads were jammed. Guess we’ll be having Pot Noodles and biscuits for lunch then.

This is pretty bad timing for me though. After seeing the optician, I was all booked in with the MS rapid access clinic, but it was cancelled an hour later due to the forecast snow. So I will use the ┬átime to try out my Nordic walking poles. I’ve already got my wellies ready and a backpack to put my shopping in. I am going to look ridiculously stupid, but no one cares in the snow. Hopefully.

Luckily, I am not back in work til next week so I am going to spend this time sorting out my university books and look over my notes to remind myself how to write an impressive essay. It’s been a while. I have a pot full of brand new pens and highlighters, the printer is full of ink and I even have little sticky notes in four different colours to mark ‘interesting and informative’ points in my books. All I need now is for my rusty brain to click in to gear and I’ll be fine.

So, I’m off to dig out the thermals, check the ski poles and head off to the shops as soon as I’m ready. I may be some time….

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