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In The Wee Small Hours

insomniaMS is a pain.

It nudges me awake at night then makes me sleep through the day.

I have a good few days off work and the bliss of sleeping in the afternoon cannot be understated.

For example, today, I made myself a lovely tuna sandwich complete with mashed capers. Perfect. Thought I’d nod off for a little while before The Essay. I woke up THREE hours later, just in time to gather myself to welcome The Teenager back home from school.

But. In the ye olden days, i.e. before MS, I used to sleep like a log. Straight through. Now, I wake at 2am, 3am, etc. Anything can wake me – a cramp, a weird hand fixed into something gruesome (ewwww) or the cat lying on my face. It has been known.

In short, sleep has become the bane of my life. I hate it and I love it. To me, it is a complete waste of valuable time. To MS, it is a necessity. So I gather my blankie around me and do my time.

I try to fight it but I always lose. Sleep is a drug when you have MS and now I can’t take Amantadine (sniff) any more, sleep is more important than ever.

I did manage to make it to my lecture last night and stayed awake. But I scratched a lot. Is that an MS symptom?

Anyway, sleep, or lack of is becoming far too much of a problem. I will not and can not, sleep my life away.

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