In The Wee Small Hours

insomniaMS is a pain.

It nudges me awake at night then makes me sleep through the day.

I have a good few days off work and the bliss of sleeping in the afternoon cannot be understated.

For example, today, I made myself a lovely tuna sandwich complete with mashed capers. Perfect. Thought I’d nod off for a little while before The Essay. I woke up THREE hours later, just in time to gather myself to welcome The Teenager back home from school.

But. In the ye olden days, i.e. before MS, I used to sleep like a log. Straight through. Now, I wake at 2am, 3am, etc. Anything can wake me – a cramp, a weird hand fixed into something gruesome (ewwww) or the cat lying on my face. It has been known.

In short, sleep has become the bane of my life. I hate it and I love it. To me, it is a complete waste of valuable time. To MS, it is a necessity. So I gather my blankie around me and do my time.

I try to fight it but I always lose. Sleep is a drug when you have MS and now I can’t take Amantadine (sniff) any more, sleep is more important than ever.

I did manage to make it to my lecture last night and stayed awake. But I scratched a lot. Is that an MS symptom?

Anyway, sleep, or lack of is becoming far too much of a problem. I will not and can not, sleep my life away.

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8 thoughts on “In The Wee Small Hours

  1. I had horrible problems sleeping before MS, now its 10 times worse :/

    yep bane of my life sums it up pretty well. not enough time in the day, but MS doesnt care, you will sleep now…well at least for an hour and then you will stare at the ceiling for 5 :p

    • stumbling in flats says:

      It’s so weird! As I’ve got a bit of time off work, I sleep so much in the afternoon. If The Teenager wasn’t coming home from school, I would just sleep the whole day. And the sudden waking in the night is crazy. I just don’t know from one day to the next what’s going to happen. Meh.

  2. Jenny wilson-best says:

    yes….itching is an MS symptom. Watch out for it as you can scratch and not realise you’re doing it. Keep nails short!
    Hope you sleep better soon xx

    • stumbling in flats says:

      I scratched so much in yesterday’s uni tutorial I’m sure they thought I had fleas. Even though I de-flea’d the cat recently, lol. I hate it and it flares up with no warning. I scratch my arms until they’re raw 🙁

  3. Helen O'Garro says:

    Just you talking about itching has made me scratch.
    A lot of nights I wake at 2 and watch tv on the sofa then at 5 I wake up. It’s such a pain cause I’m always tired but wake at silly times.

    • stumbling in flats says:

      It’s not good. Especially not I can’t take my beloved Amantadine anymore 🙁 I wake at all hours. And as for the scratching, meh. Horrible.

  4. Jonny says:

    I’m reading your post and writing my reply using the screen magnifier….fogot my glasses today…………..Suprise, surprise, so please bear with me.

    In my earlier days(POST the big relapse)I felt that I was losing time/ losing out? by sleeping a lot. Apart from the whole sleep pattern being disrupted I reckoned (still do) that by my sleeping in the afternoon as well as at nigh, albeit half asleep on some nights, my 8 hour pattern was in fact 10. I really resented this however the advice of ‘listen to what one’s body is saying’ does resound,to me,(sometimes in the Wee Small Hours).
    Anyway…..I just GO FOR IT (the sleep), as for the scratching, its just so irrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

    Jonny BG

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Bit like me. I’ve gone from sleeping ALL the time to sleeping odd, erratic hours. Always one or the other, eh? Scratching has died down, but not before my arms are bright red, lol.

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