An Unwanted Duvet Day

Just when I think I’m doing pretty well after the Campath (Alemtuzumab) treatment I had over the summer, along comes a day when it all comes crashing down.

I’ve been feeling more and more tired over the week, the numbness and tingling has increased, I’m stumbling more than usual and I’m not in complete control of my body. I haven’t had a week like this in months and I hate it.

Yesterday, I woke up, got dressed, saw The Teenager off to school, went to the shop for a paper and some yoghurt then went home and back to bed. And that’s it. This is as bad as the darkest days I had at the beginning of the whole MS business. Will it last? Is this just a blip? I can’t even begin to say the word ‘relapse’ out loud for fear of jinxing myself.

Everything is difficult. I lie for hours, knowing I need to get up and work, cook lunch, catch up on phone calls. But some inner force is pinning me to the sofa. My limbs are heavy, I feel like I’ve been run over and I’m getting worried. Lunch was hysterical. I only had pasta and a jar of pesto in the house and normally I could rustle that up in five minutes. Yesterday, it took me an hour. Set the water on the hob, go and lie down. It boils, I put pasta in, go lie down. Pasta boils over, turn heat down, go lie down. Pasta is cooked, I leave it in the pan for half an hour and go lie down. I drain the pasta, add the pesto and heat up. Leave on side, go lie down. Re-heat in microwave. Go lie down and fall asleep.

If this sounds incredibly boring, it is. It’s soul-destroying. And lonely. I dread seeing The Teenager’s face when he comes back from school. He will take one look at me and know. Mum’s tired. How depressing.

Fingers crossed this is temporary and it will be business as usual very soon. I will cook The Teenager a mouth-watering roast at the weekend, I will do the housework (even the ironing), I will dust away all the cobwebs I counted while I lay on the sofa. But for now, I’m off to the sofa for a quick lie down. Again.

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8 thoughts on “An Unwanted Duvet Day

  1. Jan Jordyn says:

    Hi there.

    So sorry to hear the latest – sending across lots of positive vibes and hope you’ll soon be dancing round the living room!

    Take care.

    Warmest wishes,


  2. stumbling in flats says:

    Hi Jan!

    Thank you so much! Got everything crossed, hoping this isn’t a relapse, just a blip. Pesky MS!

  3. tony cardis says:

    Hope its just a lazy day

  4. stumbling in flats says:

    Hi Tony,

    Me too! Am praying so hard that I wake up tomorrow and everything is back to normal. Well, as normal as life can be with MS, lol. Hope you’re good and looking forward to the weekend.

    • tony cardis says:

      Going to a murder mystery meal Saturday, but with PPMS that means doing absolutely nothing Friday.
      Getting used to it in my head i imagine Friday is a day on holiday relaxing by the pool, and i don’t have to mess about with sun lotion or sand in the wrong place

  5. stumbling in flats says:

    Ha! Glad it’s not just me that happens to! Cog fog, eh?? X

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