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You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone….

teddy bearA lot of you know I gave up blogging a while back.

And yet here I am again.

I gave up for a lot of reasons – lack of time, a need to move away from multiple sclerosis for a bit, family stuff.

But you’ve also probably noticed I just can’t keep away.

It really hit home to me with my last blog post just how much I respect and value your opinions, comments and experiences. I had a terrible week – that awful, all-enveloping depression landing on me out of nowhere. I didn’t know where it came from and I didn’t know how to get out of it.

Just as abruptly, it lifted. But what got me through the last few days of it was your support.

Without sounding too much like a schmaltzy Hallmark card with a teddy bear on it, I really missed you guys!! You talk a lot of sense – a lot more than I do.

I’m going to think of this stage of my blog as Part Two (or Deux when I’m feeling pretentious). You all came with me on my journey through MS, the discrimination, the struggles with studying, finding a new job, coming to terms with every aspect of MS. And not forgetting The Teenager and his Dramas, i.e. run out of yoghurt or crisps.

So, yes, Part Two. What’s next? I still have down days, but they’re more and more outweighed by the good. Life has settled down. I have the best job, working with my best friend. I’m starting my MA in creative writing in September when hopefully I’ll be able to call myself a proper writer, jotting down wandering thoughts about clouds, the meaning of life, etc…

The Teenager is (at the moment) behaving himself and at least giving a good impression of studying for his GCSE’s. I still have to fumble my way through clouds of Lynx and pick my way over dropped clothes on his bedroom floor. Newsflash – he opened his window AND curtains yesterday. I think the fresh air made him slightly giddy, as he printed off a revision timetable.

Anyway, I can’t say how often I’ll blog but judging by how much I have missed your words of wisdom, I’m here to stay for the foreseeable future. Hope you’ll take me back….

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