The One When I Argue With a Mini-Digger …

miniI love my job (the boss may read this).

It’s quite sedentary, excellent for an MSer, working as a project manager on a building site.

I deal with architectural plans on room-sized paper print-outs, customer’s wishes and all the rest that this job entails, mostly keeping the neighbours happy. I sort out who should be where, when and why. And if they’re not, why not?

My boots may be muddy but I enjoy pontificating, pointing and generally positing from an elevated position.

And so it was this week. I directed our newest recruit to the sewage drain and explained the brick-y stuff to our very handsome builder – not for nothing he’s known as ‘Handsome Dave’.

The Boss was happy; we had a newly-delivered mini-digger and dumper. I won’t boast, but I’m pretty good on the mini-digger (I get to sit down all day, what’s not to love?). There’s even a space on the dashboard for a cup of coffee, if I’m careful.

So far, so good. I sat down, showed off a little, then a bit more. Swing. Swoop. Swing. Get me.

I was trucking along, then paused when I had to take the mini-dumper to the pile at the front. Easy.

Problem was, it had rained. I tried my hardest, got the pile of mud to the bigger pile of mud out the front, positioned it carefully, and just as I was about to tip the contents, the dumper went all wibbly and started to fall.

What would you do?

If you’re me, you try to catch it as it’s falling.

So, I did.

Massive burn on my arm. Extremely painful.

I have a handy tip – never try to catch a one-tonne piece of equipment. I ended up at my Doctor’s, muddy boots removed and carried through the surgery when I explained what had happened.

‘Um, yes, I tried to catch a falling mini-digger. Is it bad? Ah. Really? Ah. Infected Right. I see?’

Long story short, I was soldiering on – I waited four days until the burn was so bad even the apprentice asked my why I hadn’t had it checked out.

As I apply the latest plaster and take the antibiotic, I still think I’m lucky that I have a job I love, despite the … setback …

In other news, I have written an extra 1,ooo words of my Master’s …

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8 thoughts on “The One When I Argue With a Mini-Digger …

  1. Rob says:

    The pitfalls of trying to catch a falling item, when hindsight will clearly show that it’s a pointless, not to mention painful, task. Tried to catch a freshly brewed coffee once, even through the liquid was already cascading through the air. What did I hope to achieve? A Zen like state where the near boiling liquid would simply orbit around my hand? It would have been better than the scarlet, blistered hue I sported for a few days after. Can’t feel my hands too wellanyway so screw you MS! I love how you’re in a job where you’re happy. I’ve been on the application trail for the last few months to no avail. No work for ex teachers.

    • stumbling in flats says:

      It’s definitely a great job, although not quite how I expected my life to turn out!
      It’s a good way to blow away some MS cobwebs too and I love being in the fresh air.
      Really hope you find a job soon 🙂

  2. David says:

    Well sounds like a fun few days for you lol! My experience of trying to catch things in midair as they fall tends to be limited to Cup. A very unsuccessful act! I hope the injuries heal quick and the infection doesn’t stick around long and rile up your MS symptoms

    • stumbling in flats says:

      I know what you mean – I’m constantly trying to catch stuff I knock over. Mind you, a mini-digger is definitely the biggest thing I’ve tried to catch, ever!

  3. David says:

    I like your positivity though. I can imagine you there saying “It’s ok lads, I’ve got this!” If at any point the moon comes crashing to earth I’ll be looking to see you volunteer to catch it and throw it back ? Take care

    • stumbling in flats says:

      That’s pretty much how it happened! Plus I was soldiering on all week with a wound which became steadily more infected, as I was thinking, ‘well, it’ll be alright’. Probably a bit of a mistake 🙁

  4. David says:

    Ah well sadly MS doesn’t stop us making mistakes. Doesn’t matter what it is, a boiling pot or hot coffee, if it falls then reflexes means we’ll just grab it without a thought. Hope the antibiotics are doing their job!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      So true – I’ve also poured boiling coffee over myself in the past.
      The burn is healing really well, now I’m applying a silver-based cream twice a day and slapping on huge plasters. I think the pills are speeding it along too. I’ve learned my lesson. Until the next time!

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