To PhD or not PhD …

etc… that is The Question.

I have had an incredibly exciting day, visiting a Post-Graduate University event, feeling very, very old, collecting my bag, freebie pen and numerous leaflets before being ushered to various stalls.

Where I collected more pens, leaflets and a head full of ideas.

Weirdly, there were bowls of sweets and plates of biscuits at every stand, but I was polite and declined all offers, yet afterwards I wondered – was it a bizarre initiation ceremony? Had I somehow failed by refusing the tempting Jammie Dodger  or Gummi Bears at the Student Union stand?

After whizzing around the stalls (the peeps were beyond helpful and enthusiastic), I had a couple of hours break when I went home to rouse The Teenager from his pit, today being his day off school.

Long story short, I let him sleep (easier), put a wash on, sorted the recycling, had a coffee and headed out to the talk about Creative Writing PhD’s, before heading back to my Uni for a tutorial about the book ‘Omega’, which I read a couple of months back and therefore couldn’t recall a single interesting thing to say.

I waffled.

When I got home, hours after leaving the house, I offloaded the industrial quantity of bananas for The Teenager and told him off for giving the cat a dangerous dose of catnip – she’s currently racing through the house, climbing anything she can find and bouncing off the sofas, wide-eyed and lethal, much to The Teenager’s amusement.

Anyway, my journey to this point has been weird and wonderful – being sacked for having MS, contacting the inspiring author M J Hyland, who encouraged me to start blogging over three years ago, to you guys who nudged me in to publishing a book, to taking a Master’s, to now. And next? PhD?

Am I suited for academia? I don’t know the language, but I have a passion . Is that enough?

Or am I fated to spend my days measuring concrete in square metres and advising customers about the benefits of vinyl over block flooring?

Let me know what you think – and if you offer Gummi Bears as an incentive, I’m all ears …

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8 thoughts on “To PhD or not PhD …

  1. Tricia says:

    You have the talent and the mind, go for it.

  2. passion is really all you need, and maybe a lot of caffeine to help stay awake when needed :p

  3. tony cardis says:

    Go for it , to most of us PhD is pretty hot doughnuts, so we need you to aim higher and inspire us

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you! It’s very strange – MS nearly torpedoed my degree when my brain went in to meldown and it nearly scuppered the Masters with my last relapse, but if anything, this all makes me even more determined to keep going 🙂 It’s my way of fighting back against MS I think. One of my tutors told me a year ago that if I could handle a Masters, I could handle a PhD. I hope that’s true!

  4. Michael Johnson says:

    I think you should do the PhD. No matter the subject your papers would make your tutors smile as you make us do with your blog.

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you! And you’ve got me thinking with your comment – humour and illness blogs as a research area? Very interesting ….

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