Writing The Wrongs

One of the best things about having a blog is encouraging others who also want to start one.

Over the years, since 2012 when I first signed up to WordPress, I’ve spoken with people all over the world about how to get started, how to keep up the momentum and just how to have a real idea about what it is they want to say – what they have to say.

Back then, in the dark old days, I wanted to express what was happening after my MS diagnosis, what I was feeling. I was disoriented, lost and experiencing an entire whirlwind of emotions. Plus, I was also being slowly bullied out of my job.

I reached out to a writer who had written a very personal account of her MS in a national newspaper, about her struggle to come to terms with a life with MS. It was raw and brutal, exactly how I felt. We communicated back and forward through emails and she encouraged me to start a blog. The rest is history. Thanks to her, I’ve gone from blog to PhD.

I always wanted to be a writer, so perhaps that is why I feel privileged to be following this path now. MS shunted me from the career I was building to a building career – I work as a project manager for a building company. The irony doesn’t escape me.

But I wanted something more. I love my job – it allows me the flexibility and creative talent to excel at what I do, but it’s not everything. It also has an end-point. My energy is limited, I fall asleep at awkward times, I trip over stray wires, I repeat stuff. Luckily, I work with my best friend who knows more about MS than anyone else.

Writing has allowed me to discuss, dissect and analyse every single niggle I’ve ever had with MS, and bringing up a Teenager throughout a life with MS. Abject loneliness has been replaced with a worldwide hug of immense proportions. You guys just … get me.

You’ve been through the ups and downs, you’ve seen The Teenager through the best and worst of times. You even took the time to send him messages of support when he was in a grim place and he read every single one with a smile on his face.

Writing is incredibly powerful and I didn’t realise that until I started. I poured out all the pent-up angst and you were with me through my epic Pity-Party-For-One.

It’s hard, baring your soul. But, you guys have shown me that it is so, so worth it.

If when I attain my PhD, you’re all invited. Without you, it wouldn’t happen.

Reach out and lift up …

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8 thoughts on “Writing The Wrongs

  1. Jenny says:

    In tears again reading your posts! Completely admire the strength of character it needs to pursue your writing and push yourself as you do!

  2. Beth Nigro says:

    You were one of the first blogs I found after my diagnosis. You inspired me to try to get more readers/focus more attention on my blog. I appreciate you and your writing so much!

  3. Annie says:

    Aw such a nice post. Also the first blog /book that I read post diagnosis and it massively helped me. Pity we didn’t all live close by and we could have a great night on the town to celebrate your PhD when you get it 💃 ! Keep up the good work 😊x

  4. Thank you for being there for me Barbara and encouraging me to write. You have ambition then MS gets in the way, so my writing has gone on the back burner on many occasions. I had to give it my career and studied a PGCE so was looking at a new career, so I know write from a MS Mummy perspective. Sadly MS has taken my career but without it, I wouldn’t have discovered my writing. Thank you for believing in me Barbara, you’re fab.

    For anyone who is interested, I can be found at http://www.poorlyparents.wordpress.com

    • stumbling in flats says:

      You’re a sweetheart, thank you! Your blog is fabulous, and from a perspective that can help so many people 🙂 Totally recommend having a look … X

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