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How did I ever waste time in work before Pinterest? I can spend hours scrolling through other people’s adorable lives, cute kids, funny animals and interior decorating ideas. This is sheer fantasy football for women and I am addicted.

I even have my own account (I had to request an ‘invite to join’!), but am far too scared to start pinning – I wouldn’t know when to stop and I would probably end up wanting to live my Pinterest life rather than my real life. I’m sure I would find myself thinking, oh, I have the most incredible shoes that would go with that outfit, then realise they were in my pinterest wardrobe, not my real one.

Who are these pinners with their Boden-clad children, vast houses, oodles of spare time and a craft-box to die for? They make Scandinavian candle holders from birch wood logs, fashion keyrings from Champagne corks and create sensational art by gluing a few crayons onto canvas and blasting them with a hairdryer. They carve the most exquisite pumpkin designs, make home-made lollipops and still find time to post pictures of their grinning dogs and cute knitted cupcakes.

And now the Christmas pins are filtering through. It’s only a small trickle so far (too many pumpkins and ghouls jostling for space), but it’s sure to become a flood by November. How will I cope with pin-envy? How many glue sticks will I have to buy? Oh yes, I caved in and bought a glue-gun, the Pinterest weapon of choice. I just know I can decorate the whole house with only a stack of coloured card and some glue.

Two pinners have the right idea though – they pin the results of all the projects they have been inspired to try out from Pinterest and the results are very, ahem, reassuring…check out .

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10 thoughts on “Pinterest Addict

  1. Jan Jordyn says:

    Love that link – hilarious! These guys obviously reside in some kind of Pinterest parallel universe where there are clearly more than 24 hours in a day.

    Must confess I did sign up for a Pinterest account, but the only way I’m ever going to make use of it is by outsourcing the ‘pinning.’ And that rather defeats the object I guess . . .

  2. stumbling in flats says:

    Thanks Jan!
    You should have seen the snowflakes I tried to make out of wooden pegs, lol. Maybe I should have sent a photo to Pinstrosity?? x

  3. Celia says:

    Pinterest is one of those things that’s been floating around in my brain space (y’know, bumping into nappies and piles of pureed butternut squash) but this post has made me want to Do Something About It. Thanks!

  4. stumbling in flats says:

    Hi Celia! Honestly, have a look. There’s some really sweet ideas for kids things. Especially liked the idea of making their favourite old t-shirts into artwork by stretching them over a canvas and stapling into place. So cute! x

  5. Absolutely hysterical, it’s kind of a relief to see these kinds of results

    I am also totally addicted to Pinterest however can only but dream to implement all of my wishes.

    I found your blog through MN and am loving it 🙂

  6. stumbling in flats says:

    Thanks Pebs! Your site is lovely and I’m very jealous about you training for a marathon. How do you fit everything in?! X

  7. Pinstrosity says:

    Thanks for the link up and we’re so glad you found us! Don’t be afraid of Pinterest…it has so much potential. Just have fun with it and don’t get sucked into the mentality that what you see on Pinterest is real life; take our blog for proof.

  8. stumbling in flats says:

    Thank you! Your blog is brilliant – will have to send one of my sorry failures, lol. Just got to buy some more glue….

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