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Ooh, get me! After resisting as long as possible, I took the plunge and signed up to Twitter. Blimey, it’s brilliant! What was I waiting for??

I was gently nudged to join by the lovely people on the mumsnet bloggers forum (@LynnCSchreiber, I bow down in gratitude). Suddenly, the whole world has opened up. I am connected to an incredible network. Just when I’m feeling unloved, unemployable and generally everything  ‘un’, I discover there’s a bunch of supportive bods out there.

Watching the drama of the American election unfold was made all the more wicked reading comments by India Knight and Caitlin Moran – almost as good as having them squashed on my sofa next to me, cackling away with a good dose of alcohol and Kettle crisps.

My tweets so far have been pretty uninspiring but I am sure I will learn from the masters. Already I am chatting away to like-minded people. A fellow MSer even re-tweeted one of my blog posts about being sacked for having MS and I’ve had firm support in return. I am not alone.

So, I am a convert, and you will have to excuse the shorter post today – still trying to work out what hashtags on Twitter mean. Should I #hashtag everything? How can I cultivate a clever, laissez-faire tone with my tweets? Any suggestions gratefully received…

Join me on Twitter:  @MS_Stumbling

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2 thoughts on “All of a twitter

  1. So glad you are on twitter. Well done for taking the plunge. As you know I’m @pebblespressies

  2. stumbling in flats says:

    Thanks Pebs! I’m feeling quite ‘with it’ and modern, lol. Even if The Teenager is aghast and boasts he has 176 followers of his own… X

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