Flat In Flats?

flatAs regular readers will know, I’ve been nominated for an MS Society Award for my blog.

I’m over the moon and chuffed beyond belief, as is The Teenager, who will be my plus-one.

The dress code is ‘smart’.

Hmm. I feel ‘smart’ if my knitted hat for work has been washed the day before (it gets chilly stumbling around building sites, checking on concrete foundations).

A night out in smart clothes involves jeans, boots and a top. A coffee with friends involves jeans, boots and a top. You could say it’s a kind of tragic demi-student uniform.

But, I tried. I thought, ‘ok, this is my opportunity to show I can wear a dress’. I gave it a go. I stood in endless shop dressing rooms, tugging at hems, checking my reflection from twenty-seven different angles. I ordered three different sizes of the same dress off the internet, then sent them all back the next day.

I’ve had to admit, I’m just not one of those amazing women who suits a dress. Apart from the fact that most dresses look lousy with flat shoes, I’m just not … me. No amount of Spanx will convince me otherwise; I look like a sack of turnips.

However, when I slip on my lovely black trousers and black shoes, I feel transformed. Teamed with a beautiful top I bought for my visit to Downing Street (get me), I feel good. Normal, but much better. Confident.

I was discussing this problem with The Teenager yesterday. We went out for lunch, as a well-earned break from his studies. He asked me when I had last worn a dress. ‘Um, my wedding day?’ I replied.

‘Ah’, he said. ‘That was, like, back in the 90’s. Everyone wore dresses, probably, and blokes didn’t have man-buns.’ Impressive reasoning, I thought.

He patted my hand and said, ‘they’re not there to see what you’re wearing, they’re there to see your sad face when you don’t win. So make sure you’ve fixed your lippy.’ He sat back, impressed with his sage advice.

He’s got a point. ‘Comfy’ is creeping in to my lexicon. There’s other ways to push my boundaries and I don’t think dresses are one of them. So I will be monochrome on the day and will check that my lippy is present and correct.

My phone pinged. ‘Um, why are you texting me?’ I asked The Teenager. ‘You’re sitting right across the table?’ ‘Like, d’uh, I know, just wanted to tell you, no matter what happens, you’ll be fine. You’ve got me with you. And can I have your bread?’

The text read, ‘Love you. All good.’

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14 thoughts on “Flat In Flats?

  1. Eerie Cris says:

    I don’t know much about dresses either but I have to say, the Teenager goes to show you are an excellent mum. Take pride in that. 🙂

  2. Sue Johnson says:

    Heartwarming! You should be so proud of both your nomination and having the Teenager as your ‘plus one’. That’s all that matters. I have 2 sons in their early 20s and they just get better!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you!
      They really do get better with age, don’t they? Like cheese, lol. But seriously, I’m incredibly proud of him – he’s lovely (but I’m biased!).

  3. John wildy says:

    I’ll be honest with you, I don’t read many blogs, but always look forward to yours and have even read a few to my wife at home.

  4. Teresa McTernan says:

    Ah…what a lovely story! I would wear what you feel comfortable wearing. No matter how much people tell you you look good, if you’re uncomfortable with what you’ve got on you won’t feel good. And you want to make the teenager and yourself (and us – your readers!)feel proud. Also I think people are by and large too selfish to care about how other people look as they’re all too focused on themselves. So you’ll be gorgeous plus YOU’RE BOUND TO WIN…otherwise there’ll be hell to pay…x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Aw, bless you!
      You’re absolutely right – I really want to feel comfortable and concentrate more on meeting and talking to people than tugging at a hem, lol!

  5. Kirsty says:

    Sons are just the best. I have a 5yr old and he told me I looked gorgeous in jeans and t-shirt (my staple wardrobe too). Just enjoy yourselves on the evening. Xx

  6. Mark Webb says:

    I’ll be there too! Put my employer forward… Am
    I more excited about meeting you or the teenager?

  7. sounds like a great your man, you should be proud 🙂

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