Just Gimme The Cake (And No-One Gets Hurt)

41 and countingIt’s almost that time of the year again – whisper – hint – one more candle?

Yup, even before I’ve recovered from my 40th birthday (or to put it more starkly, the first year of my fifth decade), my 41st rolls round in less than two weeks.  Wouldn’t you know.

I’m at the very great age now that people start putting fewer candles on my cake, not more, i.e. four rather than forty. Perhaps making up the deficit with an indoor sparkler. Fire hazard? Sparing my feelings? Or just cheapskates?

And not only that, my cute, bonny wee baby turns FIFTEEN a mere week later, the effrontery. He was actually due before my birthday in 1999, but was so lazy he decided to doze off and hang around a bit longer before tidying his ‘room’, a portent of what was to come.

Anyway, with the onset of August, and the inevitable countdown to Christmas (grrr), it’s time for me to gaze at my naval once more. I do a lot of that. It doesn’t get me very far, but at least I’m seen to be trying.

So what do I wish for this birthday? Looking back at all those fruitless wishes of yesteryear (My Little Pony with the lightning strike, Cabbage Patch Doll twins, Fuzzy Felts At The Zoo), I won’t be getting my hopes up.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • I pretty much have all I could possibly want. My joy was complete when I brought my new bread-maker home a few days ago. And my new set of ceramic pans arrived this afternoon. Bliss.
  • I am grateful for all I have. Even when I hold my breath on entering The Teenager’s Lair. I’ve just been up to check – four plates, three forks (should I be worried?), a pyramid of coke cans on his windowsill, a pile of GCSE revision books stuffed into the corner and a pair of swimming trunks on the floor.
  • I have to save all my angst and energy for September, when I start my MA. I am now fully enrolled and fully scaring myself silly.
  • After it threw that curve-ball of vertigo at me a few weeks ago, MS seems to be on half-days for the summer. It won’t last, but I can pretend.
  • It’s raining. Hallay-loo-ya. Goodbye hot weather, heeeeellllllooooooo cool breezes and rain. Lots of it. Uthoff’s, begone.

Before The Official Date, I am chillaxing (ooh, get me), in the knowledge that this month will be Cake Month. Oh, and the next. It’ll be my two year Blogging Anniversary. How did that happen?

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12 thoughts on “Just Gimme The Cake (And No-One Gets Hurt)

  1. Firefly My Little Pony?? I used to have all kinds of ponies when i was a kid. The new designs look very odd tho :p

  2. Archie says:

    still reading your blog avidly for some snippits of MS knowledge and smirking at the asides. keep it up fella! Enjoy the rain, fog and snow…

    • stumbling in flats says:

      AW, thank you!!
      Can’t believe it’s been almost two years. I always did have far too much to say for myself!!
      p.s. delightful weather, loving it 🙂

  3. jend says:

    Spare a thought for those of us who have hit 41 and are hurtling towards the 42 ! Eldest hit 15 two months ago and seems to think this means he can go out ( for hours and hours)without asking/discussing it first . Obviously 15 is the new 18 in his head- he’s a grown up now don’t I know ?! In which case I’m going to start charging rent !

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Love that!! Glad I’m not the only one. Teenager is currently waging a one-teen war to get us to swap bedrooms as mine is bigger. I don’t think so. He also disappears for hours and when I catch him before he dashes off, asking if he has his mobile, all I get is, ‘it’s, like, charging, d’uh’.
      I try to stay sane by reminding myself it won’t last forever. It just feels like it…

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