My Brain Hurts

The Teenager is back after eight days away and I have had a terrible headache all weekend. Hey, I’m not saying the two are connected though (honest). ┬áThe house is filled with noise, dirty laundry and mysteriously migrating food and it feels like home again.

I’ve had a searing band of pain round my head and my eyes hurt – it feels like my brain is in a blender. I don’t normally have headaches but I’m not sure if it’s MS-related. You know what MSers are like, any new symptom and we automatically think it’s to do with MS. We kind of forget we got aches and pains anyway, before MS reared its ugly head.

So it was a weekend of two halves. On Saturday morning, I worked with the builder – yet another 7am start, eek – putting up the world’s most complicated shower screen. All I had to do was sit on the edge of the bath and try to work out the book of instructions and what each of the 200-plus parts were for. Mission accomplished, I picked up The Teenager and took him home to be joyfully reunited with his Playstation.

On Sunday, I woke with my head throbbing in pain. Luckily, The Teenager had a lift to his rugby match, which is just as well as apparently it ended in noisy carnage. Our team was winning, which the opposite team didn’t like very much so they started throwing punches at our lot. Then the parents got involved and the match was suspended. The Teenager arrived home covered in mud from head to toe, face shining with drama and triumph.

The whole of Sunday, after quick dash to the shops for newspapers and a Snickers bar to cheer myself up, I lay on the sofa. I dozed off, woke up, watched telly. When I moved my head, it hurt. Every hour, I gave myself five minutes to dash around sorting out the laundry, tidying up, washing up, then it was back to the sofa. More boring than I can describe. MS is possibly one of the most boring illnesses ever.

Anyone else out there have headaches and MS? Anyone else find MS utterly boring? If so, please let me know how you manage…..

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4 thoughts on “My Brain Hurts

  1. Tony Cardis says:

    Like you it’s hard not to think every ache and pain is MS related. Also I think it’s the worry that it might be
    I admit there are days when I hate MS, but I try not to let it get me down, but it is hard we just have to battle on, sorry not very cheery this post, I blame dark mornings, sunshine should be available on demand

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hi Tony!
      Think you’re right about the lack of sunshine. And all the rain! I’m convinced MS turns us all into mini-hypochondriacs, lol. Every single, tiny symptom, I’m thinking, ‘MS? relapse? new lesion?’
      Am off out to take my mum shopping, so at least I won’t be so bored today! I might even treat myself to a ready-meal from Marks and Spencers. Living the high life!
      Have a good day.

  2. Sue says:

    It was just before I read this post that I was thinking how very bored I was with this whole business of not being able to do anything because I was too tired and I was tired of doing nearly nothing. Bored with a capital B. Yes I know exactly what you mean!!!
    Sue x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Hi Sue!
      Yup, you’ve put it exactly! A lot of people think it’s great lolling on the sofa all day, but it’s sooooooo boring. Too tired to read, too tired to do anything useful. Sometimes I just feel I’m utterly bored of being utterly bored!
      Hope you’re good,

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