The One Where I (Might) Dress Up As A Christmas Tree …

treeHere’s the thing.

I really, really want to fund-raise for MS.

But I don’t want to skydive, fire-walk, be silent for a day, climb a mountain or zip-wire. I’m not brave enough (or quiet enough).

So instead, I’ve decided to dress up as a wobbly Christmas tree and record a song.

My partner-in-crime is Dan, a fellow MS Society Council member. Every time we get together, we rework Christmas lyrics into songs about MS as, handily, the letters M and S both appear in ‘Christmas’. Bear with.

All we have to work out is where to record the song, who can record us for a short accompanying video and how we can unleash this on the public.

The filming part should be easy – I’ll be a Christmas tree and Dan can be a reindeer and we can lob snowballs and tinsel at each other (from the comfort of chairs, natch). Or we can be really cheesy and wear matching knitted Christmas sweaters and sit by a roaring log fire, toasting marshmallows and drinking eggnog. Sort of Val Doonican-esque.

And now it’s over to you guys. What do you think? Should I embarrass myself (and The Teenager) for life?

Can we raise vital funds and still keep our dignity intact?

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6 thoughts on “The One Where I (Might) Dress Up As A Christmas Tree …

  1. Annie says:

    ??for sure!!! I’m all about the Val Doonican cheesiness….however I’m slightly perturbed that I’m talking about Christmas jumpers in August? But as per previous post “seize the day” ??? love it x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      I know!!! But it might take a while to prise Dan out from Wrexham down to Cardiff for the recording, bless him. He’s a busy man (reindeer).
      We were definitely thinking along those Carpe Diem lines – we’ve talked about it for almost a year – let’s do it!!!

  2. judy says:

    A resounding Yes! I’m very impressed with your planning and exuberance!

  3. Brilliant idea but retaining dignity plus love and respect of The Teenage could be a tad tricky. Suggest you put this on the backburner until the Universty term has started. Of course he could serve a plate of sanity otherise known as a bucket of cold water on the video

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