Ready Or Not…

Noo YoikO to the M to the G.

We are getting ready for New York. Manhattan. A Times Square hotel. Bonkers.

A year ago, it seemed a suitable use of my paltry tribunal payout (minus legal fees). Nothing could make up for the year of bullying and intimidation I went through, but this would surely make amends to The Teenager – ‘…, (sniff) just give me a minute……(wail)…..(meh)….’ He put up with a lot.

So here we are. I have two suitcases wide open. In mine – pyjamas, earplugs, moisturiser, face pack, shower gel, trainers, pen, notebook, clothes (natch), headphones, challenging novel, bubble bath, wet wipes, more wet wipes, NY guide book….

In The Teenager’s – shampoo, Lynx, SPACE for Tootsie Rolls he plans on buying and selling at school for a premium.

It’s weird. I spent a very happy six months living in New York. I was young and daft. A mere 19 years old. ย And now I’m taking my son there. Strange. I lived next door to a Snapples sales-man in the west village. But that was 20 years ago. It’s all changed.

What will he make of it? Could be interesting…

How will I fare with MS and Manhattan? Should I sit in a cafe and wave The Teenager off? He goes to London every month, so it’s not that different?

Will he be inspired, as I was? Will he see the similarity between the Glasgow grid system and Manhattan?

Who knows. But what I do know is his must-do list:

  • Tootsie Rolls
  • American t-shirts
  • A hot dog from a hot dog vendor
  • A taxi
  • A fire escape
  • Steam rising from the metro (underground?)
  • McDonalds
  • Taco Bell
  • Wendy’s

Wish me luck…


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18 thoughts on “Ready Or Not…

  1. Randy says:

    Take a video camera and have a good exploring the Big Apple!

  2. Angela D says:

    Great to see you dropping into my inbox again! Congrats on the MA and have a super time in NY…looking forward to hearing your stories! x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you!! Scary times. Honestly. I do think I am totally under-qualified, hence my notebook.
      Can I write? To be honest, it was thanks to you all that I even considered an MA. I may live to regret it..

  3. A must-have before traveling: a list of places with public bathrooms! There should be an app for that, LOL. When I was in NYC two years ago — fair warning — Starbucks had the most revolting bathroom I’ve seen outside of a sleazy bar. And this was after waiting in line for ages for a too-expensive coffee (that, YES, would require hunting frantically for another bathroom within 20 minutes).

    Subway! But people will be charmed if you say underground or, better yet, tube!

    Oooh! Thought of another Handy Tip: don’t believe the lady selling knockoff designer jewelry in Chinatown that said jewelry will most certainly NOT turn green. It will.

    Have fun!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thats really weird. We once helped a guy who got locked in a toilet at a Starbucks place. My boss took his tools round and let the poor person out. All he got was a coffee voucher.Meh.
      I wont buy knock off jewellery, honest!

  4. doc martin says:

    Enjoy it all, knock ’em dead, what is that song called…’First we take Manhatten……! Do it at a pace that suits you, look out for the bargains, ‘cos they are there, you’ve just got to find ’em! Gawd bless ya doll, absorb every moment of it! xx

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you! Who knows, maybe it’ll be Berlin next year?!
      Will definitely be looking to hunt down some bargains. Can’t wait! It’ll be like being on a film set, lol.

  5. Tootsie Rolls are gross!!

    it was always the Halloween candy we gave away :p

  6. Val Bailey says:

    Hi – so pleased to see you popping up in my inbox again! Congrats on doing the course and have a wonderful time in the States.You can write and you deserve a wonderful life

  7. Tony Cardis says:

    We can still do what we want with MS just slower and more planning, enjoy yourself xx

  8. Good to hear about things. Remember ENJOY!!

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