I Only Went and Did It…

Starving WriterI can’t keep away, can I?

I’ve missed blogging and frequently find myself composing random blog posts in my head, so here I am again. I feel like one of the Rolling Stones on their endless comeback tours, although I’d be tucked up in bed by 9pm with my earplugs in.

Anyway, much excitement chez moi. I applied for the MA in creative writing and, um, I was offered a place in September. Eeek.

To pay for it, I may need to find a suitably grotty garret and eat marked-down bread every day (baked beans would blow the budget), huddled in moth-ridden blankets – but I feel that will only add to my new persona as ‘A Writer’.

In other developments:

  • The Teenager complained his human rights had been violated by my recent refusal to buy him a Domino’s pizza and a large bottle of Fanta. You can imagine how that conversation went.
  • I have started a ‘notebook where I jot down words I don’t know the meaning of’ in preparation for my course. An expository prologue would denote that this is a Byzantine, Sisyphean task.
  • Strangely, I developed tennis elbow last week without picking up a tennis racket since 1984.
  • I cut my own hair in a moment of frustration. Not to be recommended, although I’m pleasantly surprised at the outcome (after several angsty days). Plus I’ll save a fortune on hair masks, intensive moisturisers, olive oil, eggs, etc…
  • The cat continues to bring little field mice into the house and drop them at my feet then bowing and stepping back with an innocent grin before pointing to her food bowl. Must remember to wear socks or slippers in the morning. Mice entrails feel a bit squishy underfoot at 6am.
  • The Teenager has lodged an official complaint. I must not, under any circumstances, feed him any of the following: leeks, tomatoes, onions, spring onions, blue cheese of any description, chili flakes, tarragon, mustard, garlic or enchilladas. I have been encouraged to buy food only at shops full of freezers. Anything with chips apparently. And gravy.

Apart from that, life continues as normal. The Teenager is due back in two hours after a long weekend in London. We are off to New York on Wednesday – making good use of my tiny tribunal payout. Yup, The Teenager is coming to Manhattan. Watch this space, it should be a blast…

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16 thoughts on “I Only Went and Did It…

  1. Sue Johnson says:

    Wow good for you, so pleased you made the decision to go for it! All the very best for September. In the meantime really miss your chatty blogs and have a fab time in New York xx

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you so much! I really miss chatting with you guys. Feels weird.
      New York should be fun. Hopefully. If only The Teenager could behave…

  2. Carol says:

    Yey, so glad to have you back, hope you plan on staying!!!! 😉 That’s fab re signing up for the MA, how exciting 🙂 Welcome back!! X

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Awwwwwww! Thank you! I think I’ll stick around for a while longer. I put a lid on that chapter of my life. MS be damned! Now a new chapter begins…

  3. Julie says:

    Would love to hear all about new York. Have a lovely time. x

  4. Jill says:

    Fantastic news – the best – good on you 🙂 Enjoy your trip, am already looking forward to hearing all about it.

  5. Sue Johnson says:

    Wow good for you, so pleased you made the decision to go for it! All the very best for September. In the meantime I really miss your chatty blogs and have a fab time the pair of you in New York xx

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Thank you! I miss chatting with you guys!
      If I survive Manhattan with The Teenager, I can do anything!!!

  6. enjoy your trip 🙂 and there is a lot better pizza in manhatten for the teenage to complain over not getting :p

    i had tennis elbow last year for about 3 months, its just from repetitive movements, in my case, drawing, writing/typing for you ??

    • stumbling in flats says:

      I think the Teenager will be in junk food heaven for the next week!!
      Yup, the chiropractor said it had nothing to do with tennis, and more likely lifting something heavy. Very painful, but a lot better now thank goodness.

  7. Sally says:

    You need to buy Raspberry M & M s. Raspberry centre surrounded by dark chocolate . The BEST! Very tricky to get hold of though

  8. YAY! Welcome back!!! This made my day.

    Hope you all have an amazing trip. One suggestion: don’t eat Tootsie Rolls and hot dogs at the same time. Totes gross. 🙂

    • stumbling in flats says:

      thank you!! Been too long…
      Sadly, The Teenager will literally eat anything. Don’t know where he got that from…

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