What Would You Say?

life insuranceThe worst thing about my job is having to listen to commercial radio all day long when I’m on site.

Ten songs on a loop, one inane competition, kerrr-aazzy DJ’s and endless adverts.

But one creepy advert has piqued my interest. It’s by Legal & General, the insurance company. They ask, ‘What would you say to your younger self?’.

i.e. would you tell your 20 year old self to buy life insurance as you will in all likelihood die one day or sign up for critical illness cover as you will probably become very ill at some point? You get the picture.

They trade in fear. Sure, it’s great to have fun when you’re younger, but It Won’t Last and if you’re not ‘protected’, then tough luck. And yes, it’s wonderful to find that special person, but hey, they could die. Suddenly. And then where would you be? Tsk.

Anyway, this got me thinking. At the grand old age of (whisper) 40, do I really have anything earth-shattering to say to my younger self? Seems a bit of a pointless exercise, but fun nonetheless. So here goes:

  • Never wear stripy tights. And blue eyeshadow doesn’t suit you.
  • Your heart will be broken but it will mend.
  • Childbirth is gobsmackingly painful. Be prepared.
  • Experiences are worth far more than material goods.
  • It’s more fun to have a glass of water in The Dorchester than a glass of champagne down the local.
  • Today is the youngest you will ever be, so make the most of it.
  • Don’t waste money on self-help books. You already have the answers.
  • Accept every single challenge life throws at you with grace.

I’m feeling every single one of my years right now. The Teenager will be flying the nest within the next couple of years. I have wrinkles. In odd places. I’m a mere ten years away from being eligible for a Saga holiday.

But the whole point of youth is to explore, make mistakes, make more mistakes. Love and lose, fight and fall. It’s when we forge our identities. So if I was offered the chance to go back in time, I probably wouldn’t take it. All those ‘mistakes’ taught me valuable lessons.

And would I tell myself I would be diagnosed with MS in my 30’s? No way. Why spoil the party?

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