Singing in the rain

I spend a lot of time lying down. Fatigue in multiple sclerosis is no joke, although my friends think it’s a pretty cushy side effect. I have bought a new sofa, hung the flatscreen on the wall so I can see it betterĀ and worked out how to put the phone on silent. So I like the rain. A lot.

Why? Two reasons. First, I can’t stand any heat at all now and will very quickly look like a hot, red, angry tomato if I am out in the sun for any length of time. Second, and most important, the rain keeps people indoors, lying down, watching telly. Just like me. Now I don’t feel quite so guilty that I am not outdoors, doing lovely sporty things or sunbathing or walking…in the sun.

So, my sofa is ready. The cushions are soft, the throws casually draped over the arms. Pile of magazines to one side, stack of books on the other. Bar of chocolate hidden from The Teenager under a bank statement. Let it rain…

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2 thoughts on “Singing in the rain

  1. desertdenial says:

    The sun and heat are the devil to me and being that I live in Arizona… well it certainly makes things interesting! People are constantly telling me I look sunburned and the reality is I avoid the sun like the plague. Just another fine reality of MS. It’s good to know I’m not the only one walking around looking like an angry tomato! Hey, you can be the angry tomato and I’ll be the angry red pepper?! Together we can spice things up a bit!

  2. I adore that image of an angry tomato and pepper! Must be pretty tough being in Arizona. Went to Vegas a couple of years ago and I truly suffered. Must be why I lived inside the casinos all day long…! x

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