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All Grown Up

appleI had the joy of accompanying The Teenager into town today.

Sadly for him, his savings are held in his kids account at the building society and he needed my signature to clear it out in order to buy a MacBook.

The woman behind the counter was somewhat startled to see his fun savings book with a grinning little red dragon on the cover.

‘Erm, ok. Are you off to  Uni then? You do know you can change your account?’

‘Gah. I turned 16 a couple of weeks ago.’

‘Ah. Wow. What do you feed him then, mum?’

‘Just porridge.’

Money extracted and with The Teenager slouched next to me, we headed for the Apple store where we were accosted by an eager sales assistant as soon as we stepped inside.

‘Hello young man’, he said, looking up at The Teenager. ‘Off to Uni?’


‘Well that’s a shame. If you had a student card you could have had 15% off your computer, insurance cover down from £199 to £48 and a free pair of Beats headphones, retail price £165. Aren’t you tall? What do you feed him?’

‘Just porridge.’

A dramatic pause. Amazingly, something in my brain clicked. I fumbled in my wallet for my student ID from the Master’s course. And I am now the best mum ever, having just saved The Teenager almost £500. He quickly facebooked and tweeted his friends the news while I dealt with the paperwork.

Everything bagged, we left the store, with The Teenager holding his bags with utmost reverence and care. He would stop every now and again just to look at them, stroking the Apple logo with a dreamy, faraway look in his eyes.

Back home, we chatted about his A Levels. He has an induction day tomorrow and I trotted out the usual parent stuff:

‘You’ve got to hit the ground running with your studies. Make mind-maps as you go along.’


‘You’ve chosen to continue your education. A big step. Drink lots of water, keep your brain hydrated. Oh, and don’t forget your pen tomorrow.’

‘Pen, lol. So old-fashioned.’

A bit later, I got a text from The Teenager.

‘School was great today. Am in love.’

Oh. This is a new one. I told him to invite her over for coffee so we could have a little chat.

‘D’ur, Mumzie (his new way of addressing me)  I’m in love with my Mac. Lolz.’

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I’ve Gone Over To The Mac Side…

appleThe idea of using an iphone used to fill me me with horror.

With my MS dodgy sausage fingers, the teeny-weeny keyboard would be next to useless, unless I wanted to send texts saying, ‘hmjjf keleow gdder’.

I had a Blackberry, ideal as the buttons are raised. Doing my research when it was time to upgrade, I stumbled into a phone shop. The salesperson was most unhelpful.

‘You want to stay with Blackberry? Hey guys, this lady wants a Blackberry!’ He explained in disparaging terms (not hiding his sniggers very well) that they didn’t even sell them any more, and would I want a phablet instead? Big buttons. Yeah, but a huge block of a thing I’d feel a right banana talking on.

Anyway, the boss solved the problem. He bought me an ipad mini for Christmas so I could be more productive in work (‘we can sink our stuff!’ Huh?). He gleefully told me I now had no option but to upgrade to an iphone.

Well, I was petrified. I took home the shiny new phone. The Teenager was impressed – ‘4G ready, like, mint.’ He stroked the phone reverently. He laughed at my pink stylus and warned me to buy a case pronto – ‘mum, dur, like you drop everything.’  Fair point.

A week later, I am smitten. I don’t do things by half, so I bought a book and slowly worked my way through it. Maybe I shouldn’t have face-timed the boss at 10pm last night though, just to test it out. I waved at him and admired his pyjamas.

I’ve downloaded a bunch of apps. I like most of them apart from the weight-loss one. I diligently add my weight every day and it informed me this morning that the date I would reach my desired weight would be 2023.

The keyboard is very patient with me, correcting all my typing mistakes and Siri answers all my questions. I told it the other day, ‘I love you’ and it replied ‘that’s nice. Can we get back to work now?’ I then asked it, ‘what’s better, a Blackberry or an iphone?’ The answer was, ‘Oh Stumbling, I’m all Apple, all the time.’ Me too…

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